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Faculty of Commerce
Dr Clara Delavallade
Development economics; applied econometrics;
corruption; health; education; evaluation of public policies.
Professor Paul J Dunne
Defence, conflict and peace economics; applied
Associate Professor Lawrence Edwards
International trade and competitiveness; trade policy;
trade and infrastructure; trade, employment and poverty.
Ms Katherine Eyal
Labour; development; education; program evaluation;
econometrics, behavioural economics
Dr Farayi Gwenhamo
International capital movements and institutions;
construction of economic and political institutional
indices; property rights and economic performance;
macroeconomics; time series econometrics.
Associate Prof Lukasz Grzybowski
Industrial organisation; game theory; applied econometrics;
network economics; telecommunications; competition and
antitrust policy.
Associate Professor Shakill Hassan
Finance: fixed income, currency and commodity markets;
arbitrage and asset pricing; applied financial econometrics.
Economics: currency speculation and crises; monetary
policy and asset prices; applicable economic theory.
Mr Andre Hofmeyr
Game theory; behavioural economics; the economics of
addiction; political economy.
Professor David Kaplan
Technology development; technology policy; industrial
policy; telecommunications industry; migration of skilled
persons. Work on the SA mining industry – technological
change; innovation; mining based exports (capital
equipment and services); local (Western Cape) economic
development issues.
Professor Harold Kincaid
Philosophy and methodology of social science; causal
modeling; addiction; experimental elicitation of risk and
time preferences and other topics in behavioral economics
Ms Leigh Lakay
Labour economics; environmental economics.
Professor Murray Leibbrandt
Director of SALDRU; income distribution and poverty;
survey econometrics; labour; education.
Associate Professor Anthony Leiman
Environmental and resource economics; cost-benefit
analysis; informal sector.
Mr Cecil Mlatsheni
Youth and the labour market; participation, search and
unemployment; fertility and labour market participation;
the brain drain and skills migration.
Professor Mike Morris
Director of PRISM; Globalisation; impact of China on
Africa; industrialization and the Africa commodities boom;
clothing and textiles; automotive industry; clusters and
industrial development; industrial policy.
Associate Prof Edwin Muchapondwa
Community based natural resource management; nature-
based tourism; valuation of non-market environmental
Professor Nicoli Nattrass
Director of ASRU; The socio-economic dimensions of living
with HIV; the clothing industry; attitudes to employment;
the political-economy of job creation; the moral economy
of dealing with predators.
Dr Miquel Pellicer Gallardo
Economic inequality; political economy; education;
redistribution; political clientelism; authoritarian regimes.
Ms Neryvia Pillay
Risk measurement, financial markets.
Dr Patrizio Piraino
Applied microeconometrics; labour economics; economics
of education; immigration; development economics;
experimental economics.
Dr Vimal Ranchhod
Labour economics; economics of education; economic
demography; poverty; inequality and development
Professor Don Ross
Game theory; philosophy of economics (methodology);
infrastructure development; African trade and industry
policy; philosophy of science.
Dr Mare Sarr
Director of EPRU; Institutions and development; political
economy; natural resources.
Dr Asha Sundaram
International trade; development economics; applied