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Faculty of Commerce
Associate Professor Cally Ardington
Intergenerational support; analysis of household surveys;
orphanhood; family background, school quality and
educational outcomes.
Professor Sean Archer
Economics of human rights; economics of education
training, and economics and ecology of arid zones.
Professor Francis Wilson
Poverty and development; unemployment; household
survey data collection; water policy.
Ms Kamilla Gumede
Executive Director of J-PAL Africa.
Dr Thomas Bossuroy
Inequalities and social mobility; political economy; social
structures and identities and evaluation of public policy.
Dr Malcolm Keswell
Econometrics of Programme Evaluation, Behavioural
Economics, Development Economics
Dr Brendan Maughan-Brown
HIV-related stigma; socioeconomic and behavioural
determinants of HIV.
Dr Eva Wegner
Political mechanisms of inequality persistence; clientelism;
political parties; authoritarian regimes; Islamist movements.
Dr Nicola Branson
Quantitative research in education inequality and the
intergenerational consequence of teenage childbearing in
South Africa.
Arden Finn
Inequality, poverty and the analysis of panel data
Clare Hofmeyr
Economics of education, training, communications and
policy work.
Laura Costica
J-PAL Africa Research Manager
Bryan Plummer
J-PAL Africa Research Manager
Muthoni Ngatia
Researcher J-PAL Africa
Distinguished visitors
Professor Ravi Kanbur
Cornell University
Professor Frederick Fourie
University of the Free State
Professor Robert Lawrence
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Professor Rhys Jenkins
University of East Anglia
Professor Andrew Rose
University of California, Berkeley
Prof Glenn W Harrison
Georgia State University
Prof Elisabet Rutstrom
Georgia State University
Prof Warren Bickel
Virginia Institute of Technology
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AIDS and Society Research Unit (ASRU)
Postal address: ASRU, University of Cape Town, Private Bag
X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 4656
Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU)
Postal address: DPRU, University of Cape Town Private Bag
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