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Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
Research Output
Chapters in books
Favish, J., Ross, D.A., Inggs, S.C., Kathard, H., Clarkson, C.P.,
Case, J.M., Collier-Reed, B.I. and Reid, S. 2012. Reflections
on developing distinctive University of Cape Town graduate
attributes. In M. Coetzee et al. (eds), Developing Student
Graduateness and Employability, pp. 207-225. Randburg:
Knowres Publishing. ISBN 9781869221898.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Ahmadi, A., Ranjbar, M., Schaffie, M. and Petersen, J.
2012. Kinetic modeling of bioleaching of copper sulfide
concentrates in conventional and electrochemically
controlled systems. Hydrometallurgy, 127-128: 16-23.
Azeez, O., Isafiade, A.J. and Fraser, D. 2012. Supply and
target based superstructure synthesis of heat and mass
exchanger networks. Chemical Engineering Research &
Design, 90: 266-287.
Brent, G.F., Allen, D.J., Eichler, B., Petrie, J.G., Mann, J.P.
and Haynes, B. 2012. Mineral carbonation as the core
of an industrial symbiosis for energy-intensive minerals
conversion. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 16(1): 94-104.
Bryan, C., Davis-Belmar, C.S., Van Wyk, N., Fraser, M., Dew,
D.W., Rautenbach, G.F. and Harrison, S.T.L. 2012. The effect
of CO
availability on the growth, iron oxidation and CO
fixation rates of pure cultures of Leptospirillum ferriphilum
and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Biotechnology and
Bioengineering, 109(7): 1693-1703.
Chiume, R., Minnaar, S.H., Ngoma, I.E., Bryan, C. and
Harrison, S.T.L. 2012. Microbial colonisation in heaps for
mineral bioleaching and the influence of irrigation rate.
Minerals Engineering, 30: 156-164.
Coetzee, W., Coetzer, R.L.J. and Rawatlal, R. 2012. Response
surface strategies in constructing statistical bubble flow
models for the development of a novel bubble column
simulation approach. Computers & Chemical Engineering,
36(1): 22-34.
Coetzee, W., Coetzer, R.L.J. and Rawatlal, R. 2012.
Semianalytical bubble-flow models for the development of
a novel bubble-column simulator. Industrial & Engineering
Chemistry Research, 51: 7398-7409.
Cole, K.E., Buffler, A., van der Meulen, N.P., Cilliers, J.J.,
Franzidis, J.-P., Govender, I., Liu, C. and van Heerden, M.R.
2012. Positron emission particle tracking measurements
with 50 micron tracers. Chemical Engineering Science, 75:
Corin, K.C., Bezuidenhout, J. and O'Connor, C.T. 2012. The
role of dithiophosphate as a co-collector in the flotation of
platinum group mineral ore. Minerals Engineering, 36-38:
Dey, S. and Pani, S. 2012. Effective processing of low-volatile
medium coking coal fines of Indian origin using different
process variables of flotation. International Journal of Coal
Preparation and Utilization, 32: 253-264.
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of sulphydryl collector-mixture used in sulphide ore
flotation. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals,
65(4): 387-392.
Durant, B., Farber, B.Y., Rule, C. and Mainza, A.N. 2012.
Ceramic media selection for optimization of energy
efficiency in IsaMills
Chemical Engineering & Technology,
35(11): 1949-1953.
Fernandez-Torres, M.J., Randall, D.G., Melamu, R.B.
and Von Blottnitz, H. 2012. A comparative life cycle
assessment of eutectic freeze crystallisation and
evaporative crystallisaton for the treatment of saline
wastewater. Desalination, 306: 17-23.
Fischer, N., Minnermann, M., Baeumer, M., Van Steen,
E.W.J. and Claeys, M.C. 2012. Metal Support Interactions
in Co
catalysts prepared from w/o microemulsions.
Catalysis Letters, 142: 830-837.
Fung, W., Claeys, M.C. and Van Steen, E.W.J. 2012. Effective
utilization of the catalytically active phase: NH
over unsupported and supported Co
Catalysis Letters,
142: 445-451.
Ghorbani, Y., Petersen, J., Harrison, S.T.L., Tupikina, O.,
Becker, M.E., Mainza, A. and Franzidis, J.-P. 2012. An
experimental study of the long-term bioleaching of large
sphalerite ore particles in a circulating fluid fixed-bed
reactor. Hydrometallurgy, 129-130: 161-171.
Govender, E., Harrison, S.T.L. and Bryan, C. 2012.
Modification of the ferric chloride assay for the
spectrophotometric determination of ferric and total iron in
acidic solutions containing high concentrations of copper.
Minerals Engineering, 35: 46-48.
Griffiths, M., van Hille, R.P. and Harrison, S.T.L. 2012. Lipid
productivity, settling potential and fatty acid profile of
11 microalgal species grown under nitrogen replete and
limited conditions. Journal of Applied Phycology, 24: 989-
Gudiminchi, R.K., Randall, C., Opperman, D.J., Olaofe,
O., Harrison, S.T.L., Albertyn, J. and Smit, M. 2012. Whole-