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Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
M.S. Ahmad (Mechanical Engineering)
Study of dynamic behaviour of multilayered structures
subjected to blast loading
Supervised by Professor G. Nurick
O.S. Azeez (Chemical Engineering)
Supply and target-based superstructure synthesis of heat
and mass exchange networks
Supervised by Associate Professor D. Fraser
L.E.K. Chalemba (Electrical Engineering)
Topology-aware multicasting in phased mobile ad hoc
networks for e-learning
Supervised by Dr A. Murgu and Professor M.E. Dlodlo
G. Evezard (Mechanical Engineering)
An innovative rapid compression machine in theory and
Supervised by Professor A. Yates and Mr T. Cloete
(International Labour Resource and Information Group)
C. Geretto (Mechanical Engineering)
The effects of different degrees of confinement on the
deformation of square plates subjected to blast loading
Supervised by Professor G. Nurick and Dr S.C. Kim Yuen
Y. Ghorbani (Chemical Engineering)
On the progression of leaching from large particles
in heaps
Supervised by Associate Professor J. Petersen,
Dr M. Becker, Dr A. Mainza and Professor J.-P. Franzidis
Influence of enzyme location and culture rheology on the
optimisation of glucose oxidase production by Aspergillus
niger NRRL-3 and Penicillium sp. CBS120262
Supervised by Professor S.T.L. Harrison and Professor K.G.
Clarke (Stellenbosch University)
A. Kotsiopoulos (Chemical Engineering)
Development of an unsteady state model for the tank
bioleaching of sulphide mineral concentrates in flow
reactor systems
Supervised by Dr R. Rawatlal and Emeritus Professor G.
Hansford (deceased)
C.V. Madell (Architecture and Planning)
Local economic development, business stimulation and
poverty reduction in poor urban areas: the disjuncture
between state policies and household survival strategies in
case of Heideveld, Cape Town
Supervised by Professor V. Watson
J.T. Marks (Mechanical Engineering)
Kolb interrupted: an investigation into students’ experience
of an experiential learning approach to entrepreneurship
Supervised by Associate Professor B. Collier-Reed and
Professor J. Case
R.P. Mogorosi (Chemical Engineering)
Metal support interactions on Fe-based Fischer-Tropsch
Supervised by Professor E. van Steen
M.M.Z.E. Mohammed (Electrical Engineering)
Automated signature generation for zero-day polymorphic
worms using a double-honeynet
Supervised by Professor H.A. Chan
M.M.A. Muslam (Electrical Engineering)
Host mobility management with identifier-locator split
protocols in hierarchical and flat networks
Supervised by Professor H.A. Chan
M.J. Rapson (Electrical Engineering)
An extensible computational cochlear modelling framework
Supervised by Professor J.C. Tapson and Ms R.A. Verrinder
C. Shaw (Mechanical Engineering)
Learning systemic management practice
Supervised by Associate Professor T. Ryan
L.C. Smith (Chemical Engineering)
The effect of selected academic development
programmes on the academic performance of academic
development students at a South African university: An
empirical analysis
Supervised by Associate Professor J. Case, Professor
D.M. Fraser, Associate Professor C. van Walbeek, and
Dr V. Ranchhod
A.F. Udemans (Mechanical Engineering)
Business Architecture Tool (BAT): Development and
assessment of a systems framework to guide organisations
from concept to delivery, in terms of creating deeper and
meaningful integration across processes and functions
Supervised by Associate Professor T. Ryan
A.A. van der Byl (Electrical Engineering)
A parallel processing framework for spectral based
Supervised by Professor M. Inggs and Professor R.
Wilkinson (Department of Electrical Engineering, Cape
Peninsula University of Technology)