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Knowles, C. 2012. Residule stress measurement and the
structural integrity evaluation of SLM TiG 4V. MSc(Eng).
Supervised by Tait, R. B.
Leisegang, D. 2012. Study into the feasibility and design
of a renewable energy portfolio for the Klein Constantia
wine estate. MSc(Eng). Supervised by Hibberd, A.C.M.
and Bennett, K.
Lutalo, P. 2012. Uganda and Redd+: is it worth getting
involved from a socio-economic presepctive? MPhil.
Supervised by Rahloa, S.
Makhetha, W. 2012. Phase transformation in platinum-
based coatings. MSc(Eng). Supervised by Lang, C.I. and
Topic, M.
Molteno, M. 2012. Eddy current detection of fatigue
cracks in drill pipes. MSc(Eng). Supervised by Tait, R.B.
and Wilkinson, A.
Mudd, R. 2012. Exploring the range of motion
between the acetabular component and the femoral
componentin hip resurfacing. MSc(Med) Biomedical
Engineering.116pp. Supervised by Vicatos, G. and
Sivarasu, S.
Philip, J. 2012. Root cause analysis of production defects
in a foundry using lean tools. MSc(Eng). Supervised by
Kahlen, F.-J.
Pougnet, M. 2012. New product development as an
approach to remail viable in a stagnant market: a case study
of a company with technologically (ITS) focused products in
South Africa. MSc(Eng). Supervised by Shaw, C.B.
Rampai, T. 2012. The making and characterization of
max phase ceramics. MSc (Eng) Materials. Supervised
by Lang, C.I.
Richardson, N. 2012. An investigation into aspects of
rate-independent single crystal plasticity. MSc(Eng)
Mechanical. Supervised by Reddy, B.
Tait, L. 2012. The potential for local community benefits
from wind farms in South Africa. MSc(Eng) Energy
Development Studies. Supervised by Prasad, G. and
Wolkas, H.L.
Tembo, B. 2012. Policy options for the sustainable
development of the power sector in Zambia. MSc (Eng).
Supervised by Hughes, A. and Merven, B.
Thiart, A. 2012. CFD study of fuel evaporation and
related thermofluid dynamics in the inlet manifold,
port and cylinder of the CFR octoane engine. MSc(Eng)
Mechanical. Supervised by Floweday, G. and Meyer, C.
Trautmann, C.2012. Investigation of the use of biogas in
a gas hob. MSc(Eng) Sustainable Energy. Supervised by
Von Blottnitz, H. and Cohen, B.
Boonzaier, J., Hendricks, M.S. and Vicatos, G. 2012.
Maxillofacial. Registered in: Pretoria RSA. Von Seidels.
Date registered: 23/11/2012. PCT/IB2012/056664.
Ginsberg, S., Parsons, A. and Vicatos, G. 2012. An
Endoprosthesis/Endoprosthetic Growth. Registered in:
Pretoria RSA. Von Seidels. Date registered: 27/06/2012.
Vicatos, G. 2012. Rotating Hinge Knee Prosthesis.
Registered in: Pretoria RSA. Von Seidels. Date registered:
06/03/2012. 2012/01641.