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Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
Kevin Fellingham
Senior Lecturer: Architecture. Interdisciplinary research,
practice and design.
Clinton Hindes
Senior lecturer: Landscape Architecture. History and theory
of landscape architectural design and its application to
teaching and practice. Documenting the history of South
African landscape architecture.
Simon Hull
Lecturer: Geomatics. Digital photogrammetry for heritage
documentation, fields of land tenure reform, disaster
management using remote sensing and GIS, heritage
documentation, and improving education.
Fadly Isaacs
Lecturer: Architecture. (Measuring) urban settlement quality,
integrating strategic urban infrastructure investment.
Tania Katzschner
Lecturer: Planning. Education for sustainable development,
sustainable urban systems, creating and nurturing
educational systems that serves human needs while also
protecting our resources for future generations, trans-
disciplinarity and systems thinking.
Simone le Grange
Lecturer: Architecture. Architectural design, Academic
Development Lecturer.
Mike Louw
Lecturer: Architecture. Sustainable architecture and
urbanism, architectural history and materiality.
Professor Iain Low
Architecture. Space and transformation; critical thinking
/ practice and the ‘re-writing’ of architectural type; post
apartheid South African condition: urbanism, the ‘new’
public realm, contemporary dwelling and architectural
Liana Muller
Lecturer: Landscape Architecture. Heritage and
management of cultural landscapes, heritage landscapes
and representation, specifically focussing on people's
connection with the environment and landscape as an
anchoring point for memory and meaning.
Professor Jo Noero
Dr Nancy Odendaal
Senior Lecturer: Planning. Relationship between
Information and Communication Technology and urban
transformation, metropolitan planning, planning theory
and infrastructural transitions in cities of the Global South.
Commissioned research on planning and transformation,
land use management and planning standards.
Stella Papanicolaou
Lecturer: Design, the tension between meaning and
the production of space in architectural practice and
education; developing tools for critical thinking to enhance
the creative process in architectural education.
Professor Edgar Pieterse
Director: African Centre for Cities, and holder of a DST/
NRF SARChI Research Chair. Promoting new approaches
to urban development in South Africa and Africa, in
collaboration with partners from the global South.
Professor Gordon Pirie
Deputy Director: African Centre for Cities. Geographer,
principal research field of transportation and travel.
Dr Tom Sanya
Senior Lecturer: Architecture. Sustainable Habitat
Innovations (SusHI), systems theory in sustainable
architecture evaluation with particular focus on Africa.
Sustainability evaluation tool (emerging from PhD). Design
and making Epistemology – in Search of an Afro-centric
perspective via the African Informal Settlement.
Dr George Sithole
Senior Lecturer: Laser altimetry, photogrammetry, 3D
object reconstruction.
Associate Professor Julian Smit
Geomatics.Applicationof remotesensing, photogrammetry
and geographic information systems for land and
environmental management.
Associate Professor Alta Steenkamp
Director: School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics.
History and theory of Southern African architecture and its
relation to the global environment.
Professor Vanessa Watson
Planning. Planning theory; governance; housing;
urbanization; large city planning.
Associate Professor Jenny Whittal
Geomatics. Land tenure and cadastral systems,
specialising in land for the urban poor and fiscal cadastral
systems and reform.