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and respiratory disease in the PICU; care practices and inter-
personal relationships in ICU; quality of care and safety in the
PICU; management of traumatic brain injury in PICU; HIV in
the PICU; fluids in the critically ill; prevention of nosocomial
infections including ventilator associated pneumonia and
central line sepsis; viral infections in the PICU; cardiomyopathy
/ myocarditis in children; ethical issues in resource allocation in
the PICU; severe sepsis and septic shock; “Pathways to care”
for critically ill children; training and simulation training for
healthcare workers working with critically ill or injured children.
D.W. Beatty
Primary immune deficiency disorders; tuberculosis in
childhood; paediatric infectious disease.
H. Buys
Ambulatory, emergency and outreach care; paediatric HIV
disease and nutrition; diarrhoeal disease.
M. Carrihill
Type 1 diabetes in the South African youth; Neonatal
screening programmes; Disorders of sex development.
A. Davidson
HIV-related malignancy; Brain tumours; the impact of
ethnicity on ALL outcomes; Stem Cell Transplantation for
R. de Decker
The 22q11.2 deletion syndrome; Warfarin: implementation
and impact; Genetic associations of congenital heart
R. De Lacy
Cystic fibrosis; gastroenterology.
S. Delport
Paediatric endocrinology; advance diabetes.
F. Desai
Paediatric oncology.
R. Diedericks
Emergency paediatrics; Infectious Diseases.
K. Donald
Developmental disabilities as they manifest and are managed
in resource limited settings such as South Africa (including
Cerebral palsy, Autism, Intellectual disability, genetic
syndromes). Specific interests include the preventable causes
of neurodisability such as alcohol and methamphetamine
exposure, organophosphate poisoning and the neurological
and neurocognitive complications of HIV.
B.S. Eley
Primary immune deficiency disorders; paediatric
tuberculosis; paediatric HIV/AIDS; paediatric infectious
P. Gajjar
Renal disease; paediatric organ transplantation especially
infectious complications; paediatric hypertension including
Takayasu’s Arteritis; acute renal failure and peritoneal
dialysis; paediatric HIV nephropathy; adolescent medicine.
E. Goddard
Paediatric liver disease; transplantation in children;
immunology; paediatric infectious disease; paediatric
gastroenterology and nutrition.
M. Harrison
Neonatal epidemiology; infection control; neonatal
M. Hendricks
Clinical Outcomes in children with rhabdomyosarcoma at
Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
M.K. Hendricks
Child health, public health nutrition and child rights and
L. Henley
Research ethics in general. Ethical and legal issues in
research with children.
J. Hewitson
Resource allocation and cardiovascular disease; Trisomy
21 and cardiovascular disease; surgical management of
patients with a single ventricle.
A. Horn
Assessment and Management of Hypoxic Ischaemic
S.M. Kroon
Mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
M. Levin
Genotypic and phenotypic features of allergic Xhosa
children; Prevalence and associations of food allergy in
unselected children in Cape Town and in the Eastern
Cape; relationship between food allergy and atopic
dermatitis; the impact of demographic, environmental,
nutritional and infectious influences on the expression
of allergy and atopy within the Drakenstein birth-cohort
study; communication issues in management of asthma
and allergy in indigenous people in South Africa.