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Health Sciences
Research Fields and Staff
Associate Professor Shanaaz Mathews
Director; Children & violence, child protection, child abuse,
gender policy, gender-based violence, evidence-based
Lizette Berry
Senior researcher; Child socio-economic rights indicators;
child poverty.
Dr Ariane De Lannoy
Senior researcher; Youth and youth identity in rapidly
changing, urban environments; Perceptions of opportunity
structure; Education, identity and educational decision-
Katharine Hall
Senior researcher; Child poverty; socio-economic rights.
Lucy Jamieson
Senior advocacy co-ordinator; Child rights; participatory
democracy; governance; law reform & policy development.
Helen Meintjes
Senior Researcher; HIV/AIDS & children; alternative care;
social policy; children’s participation; media
Dr Tendai Nhenga-Chakarisa
Senior researcher; International law; human rights law;
child rights; child labour; applying international children’s
rights law in African cultural contexts; curriculum design &
legal drafting.
Paula Proudlock
Senior Legal Researcher; Child rights; legislative review;
law reform; democracy & governance; socio-economic
rights for children.
Contact Details
Postal Address: Children’s Institute, University of Cape
Town, 46 Sawkins Road, Rondebosch, 7700
Tel: +27 21 689 5404
Fax: +27 21 689 8330/1287
UCT General enquiries: +27 21 650 9111
UCT web:
Department Of Paediatrics
And Child Health
Affiliated Disciplines
Paediatric Anaesthesia
Head of Unit: Associate Professor Jenny Thomas
Unit profile
The Unit of Paediatric Anaesthesia, a division of the
Department of Anaesthesia (UCT) and SCAH, is responsible
for the provision anaesthesia for all children, infants and
neonates undergoing surgery or procedures at the Red
Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (RCWMCH) and
Maitland Cottage Children’s Home. This department also
provides acute, chronic and palliative care services for
the children at this hospital, as well as providing input
into the Paediatric Intensive Care services. The Paediatric
Pain Team is a multidisciplinary group which falls under
Paediatric Anaesthesia, run by Professor Thomas. These
include SRN Angeline Schrikker (nurse practitioner in pain)
and a number of other volunteers from nursing, child
and family psychotherapists, child life specialists, aroma
therapy, physiotherapy and art therapy.
The head of this clinical unit is Associate Professor Jenny
Thomas, with the following fulltime paediatric anaesthesia
specialists: Dr Graeme Wilson, Dr Rebecca Gray, Dr Karmen
Kemp and Dr Kotie Bester. The other three specialists
rotate on a regular basis between GSH, Maitland Cottage
and RCWMCH. There are 5 positions for registrars in
training at RCWMCH.
In addition to teaching, training and lecturing at both
under graduate and postgraduate levels, members of the
department have lectured nationally and internationally.
They also teach and train members of other disciplines
which include paramedics, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists,
emergency medicine trainees and family medicine
practitioners. Professor Thomas and Dr Myburgh also teach
on APLS courses.
In this past year, Ms Melissa Williams has joined the staff to
provide much-needed administrative assistance. This has
made a considerable difference to the efficient functioning
of our paediatric anaesthetic department.