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Health Sciences
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Primary Health Care Directorate
Director/Chair: Professor Steve Reid
A Health Science Faculty that promotes equity and quality
in health care, guided by the Primary Health Care Approach
To promote the primary health care approach in
teaching, research, policy, health services and community
engagement by the Faculty of Health Sciences
• To integrate a Primary Health Care Approach into
the Faculty of Health Sciences undergraduate and
postgraduate curriculae
• To extend and develop the Faculty of Health Sciences
clinical teaching platform in rural and primary care sites
• To deepen community engagement within the health
service and the Faculty of Health Sciences curriculae
• To enhance the recruitment and support of students of
rural origin in the Faculty of Health Sciences
• To increase inter-disciplinary research in health sciences
To promote equitable, comprehensive, compassionate and
quality care at all levels of the health system by means of:
• the recognition of diversity and culture
• evidence-based practice and policy
• active health promotion
• community-based education
• strategic partnerships
Directorate Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Senior Lecturers
Honorary Lecturers
Junior Research Officer
Recruitment Officer: Rural Students
Health Teaching Platform Coordinator
Site Facilitators
NGO Facilitators
Site Coordinators
Facility Manager
Admin Staff
Research and Teaching Focus of
Academic Staff
Professor Steve Reid
Chair & Director: primary health care; Collaboration for
Health Equity through Education and Research; compulsory
community service; family medicine; rural health; district
health systems; community based services support &
intermediate care policy; community oriented primary care;
population based approaches to health; community based
education; medical education; human resources for health;
global consensus on social accountability; creativity and
health; arts and healthcare
Mr James Irlam
Senior Lecturer: primary health care; evidence-based
practice; climate change and health