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Health Sciences
Hospital and Somerset Hospital. An operating list is done
once per week at Eerste river Hospital, operating on
Groote Schuur Hospital patients.
Dr John Lazarus is head of Paediatric Urology at Red
Cross Hospital and Professor R D Barnes attends Somerset
Hospital for ward rounds and outpatients. The operating
list at Eerste River Hospital is done by a Senior Registrar
assisted by Professor Johan Naudé (ex head of Division of
Undergraduate teaching is provided to 6th year
medical students, who do a two week block in Urology.
Postgraduate training is provided to Urology Registrars
and also to supernumerary registrars. The members of our
division make significant contributions at both local and
international meetings. A number of our members have
attended instructional courses both locally and overseas.
The Division has maintained its productivity despite staff
shortages and the financial crisis.
The Division is involved with two combined clinics –
Urological Oncology Clinic (with Radiation Oncologists)
and Female Continence Clinic (with Gynaecologists). We
run a number of other specialised clinics – Adolescent
Spinal Defects Clinic, Haematuria Clinic, Stricture Clinic,
Erectile Dysfunction Clinic, Reconstructive Urology Clinic
and Metabolic Stone Clinic.
Divisional Statistics
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Principal Lecturer
Senior Lecturers
Sessional Senior Lecturers
Undergraduate (6
Research Fields and Staff
Professor R D Barnes
Metabolic aspects of Urolithiasis, Urological Oncology
Professor A R Pontin
Renal infections in diabetics, Female Incontinence,
Urological Oncology
Dr J Lazarus
All aspects of Paediatric Urology; Surgical Treatment of
Renal Calculi
Dr S Sinha
Widening indications for laparoscopic surgery in urology;
double J stent insertion under local anaesthetic; radical
cystectomy and extended pelvic lymphadenectomy
Dr L Kaestner
Prostate cancer; Renal Transplantation; Urogynaecology
Dr A van den Heever
Results of urethroplasty for urethral strictures
Dr M Kolia
Retrospective Review Prostatectomies done between 2005
and 2011 at Groote Schuur Hospital
Dr F Cassim
Retrospective Review of Bladder of Open versus
Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy for the Treatment of
Bladder Cancer: Complications and Oncological Outcome
Divisional Contact Details
Postal Address: Division of Urology, Area E26, New
Groote Schuur Hospital, Anzio Road, Observatory, 7925
Telephone: SA (021) 406 6529
Fax: SA (021) 406 6122
Department Of Surgery
Division Of Otolaryngology
Head of Division: Professor Johan Fagan
Divisional Profile
The Division of Otolaryngology combines an academic
hospital service with university teaching, training and
research. It provides specialist clinical services to
patients in the Western Cape and beyond. Its university
responsibilities include in-hospital and community-based
training of 5th year medical students, teaching of dental
and paramedical students, and specialist training of both
local graduates and graduates from other countries. An
outreach programme supplements the training of students
and primary health care workers in the fundamentals of ear
care. We place a strong emphasis on clinical research.