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Dr Heather Jaspan MD, PhD, FAAP
Senior Lecturer. Associate member of the IIDMM. Research
Profile: Investigating immune activation, T cell immunity
and susceptibility to HIV in infants.
Visiting Professors
Professor Guido Ferrari
Professor, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North
Carolina, USA
Identifying CD8+ T cell activation, functional profile, and
memory differentiation during acute HIV infection and role
in in determining HIV escape mutants.
Identifying epitope targeted by ADCC-mediating Antibody
responses and their role in protection from infection.
Professor Jim Alexander
Strathclyde University, Scotland
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Lycias Zembe
Understanding CD8+ T cell recognition patterns in HIV
Dr Suraj Parihar
Dr Nasiema Allie
Dr Reto Guler
Investigate using 4 different pathogens, i.e. Listeria
monocytogenes, mycobacteria tuberculosis, mycobacteria
bovis BCG, and Leishmania major
Dr Natalie Nieuwenhuizen
Characterization of Anisakis Allergens
Dr Mark Barkhuizen:
The Role of Interleukin-12 in Pathogenic Trypanasome
Dr Roanne Keeton
TB Immunology
Dr Frank Kirstein
Investigation of immune responses in different mouse
models of allergic asthma”
Dr Nai-Jen Hsu
Understanding TNF-TNFR signaling and its impact on
microglia-neuronal cell interaction
Dr Tiroyaone Brombacher
Neuro-immunological effects of Nippostrongylus
brasiliensis on cognitive function.
Dr Roanne Keeton
The role of TNFR signalling in pulmonary tuberculosis
Dr Mohlopheni Marakalala
Investigation of C-type lectin receptors in immunity to
Candidiasis,Tuberculosis and Staphylococcus infections
Dr Jennifer Claire Hoving
Asthma and Allergy
Distinguished Visitors
Harukazu Suzuki - Riken Institute-Japan
Bernhard Ryffel - CNRS France
Daniel Barber - Max Planck, Germany
Martin Bachmann - Cytos,Switzerland
Claudia Jakubzic - Virginia, USA
Mattias Svensson - Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Benjamin Marsland - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Gordon Brown - Univ Aberdeen, UK
Luisa Martinez Pomares - Univ Nottingham, UK
Jim Alexander - Univ Strathclyde, UK
Andrew Mcdonald - Univ Edinburgh, UK
Abhay Satoskar - Ohio State University, USA
Michael Pepper - University Of Pretoria, SA
Johanna Spaans - University of Ottawa
Stefan Magez - Vrije University, Belgium
Blanka Vidan-Jeras - Slovenia
Debra Rosa - CSIR
Gotfried Alber - Univ of Leipzig, Germany
Musa Mhlanga - CSIR, Pretoria
Thomas Heunig - University Wuerzburg, Germany
Abhay Satoskar - University of Ohio, USA
Bernhard Ryffel - University of Orleans, France
S. Barth - Univ. Fraeuenhofer,Germany
Contact details
Tel: 406-6616
Fax: 406-6029
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Division Of Medical Biochemistry
Head of Division: Professor Peter Meissner
Divisional Profile
The Division of Medical Biochemistry is a preclinical, basic
science division in the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences
and is associated, either wholly or partly, with a number
of advanced research entities. Some such entities are
laboratory research groups contained entirely within