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Research Fields and Staff
Permanent Staff
Professor Mark P Nicol
Development and evaluating point-of-care tests
for tuberculosis; the strain biology of
the origin and evolution of the human
microbiome in early childhood and its impact on respiratory
Professor Gregory Hussey
Understanding the dynamics of TB infection and disease in
adolescents; the epidemiology of TB in infants and young
children; evaluation of new TB vaccines
Professor Valerie Mizrahi and Dr Digby Warner
Investigate fundamental aspects of the metabolism and
physiology of
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
of relevance to
tuberculosis drug discovery and drug resistance
Dr Andrew Whitelaw
TB diagnostics, molecular epidemiology and infection
Dr C Bamford
Laboratorydetectionofmulti-resistant organisms;molecular
epidemiology of hospital acquired infections; rational use
of antibiotics and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance;
appropriate use of microbiological investigations;
microbiological diagnosis of tuberculosis
Dr Eliya Madikane
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
drug discovery and
development; population genetics of
Staphylococcus aureus
in Cape Town
Hospitals; the nasopharyngeal microbiome in early
Registrars, Joint Appointments
Dr Nolwazi Pepu
Dr Sindile Ntuli
Dr Siphokazi Mahobe
Honorary Staff
Associate Professor David Lewis
• Gonococcal resistance
• STI surveillance
• Men’s sexual health
Dr John Simpson
Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis and identification of
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Widaad Zemanay
Evaluation of novel diagnostic methods for tuberculosis in
adults and children; evaluation of the impact of novel TB
diagnostics on patient outcomes
Dr Elloise du Toit
Household dust microbial burden and the development
of recurrent wheezing in children in the Western Cape: a
cohort study.
Dr Mamadou Kaba
Molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases; the
nasopharyngeal and stool microbiome in early childhood
Contact Details
Postal Address: Division of Medical Microbiology, University
of Cape Town, Medical School, Anzio Road, Observatory,
Telephone: +27 21 406 6727
Department Of Clinical
Laboratory Sciences
Division Of Medical Virology
HeadofDivision: ProfessorCarolynWilliamson
Divisional Profile
The Division of Medical Virology contributes to the
diagnosis, treatment, prevention and eradication of viral
diseases in South Africa through a diagnostic laboratory
service together with a dynamic research programme.
Virology has an vibrant research programme focussin on:
HIV-1 vaccine development; biomarkers of HIV acquisition;
mechanisms of HIV-1 transmission and virological
control; HIV-1 breakthrough infections in large vaccine
and microbicide trials; Human Papillomavirus (HPV); HIV/
TB co-infection; Hepatitus B and C; novel respiratory
viruses; cytomegalovirus; and the development of new
molecular diagnostic tests. The division hosts one South
African Research Chair (NRF SARChI) (Professor Anna-lise
Williamon, Vaccinology). High impact research findings