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Health Sciences
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Peer-reviewed published conference
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Department of Health and
Rehabilitation Sciences
Department Profile
The Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is a
multi-professional Department, and offers undergraduate
and postgraduate programmes in Audiology, Speech
and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and
Physiotherapy. The Department also offers Postgraduate
Diplomas, Master’s and PhD programmes in Disability
Studies and Nursing.
2012 was a productive year with regard to research
activities and graduation of postgraduate candidates.
Professor Steve Ersser continues his appointment as an
Honorary Professor to the Division of Nursing to develop
collaborative research in dermatology nursing. Naeema
Abrahams continues her appointment as an Honorary
Associate Professor to the Division of Nursing for teaching
clinical research methods. One staff members obtained her
PhD (Lizhan Cloete). In addition, in 2012 the Department
achieved the best throughput rate of postgraduate
candidates to date, with one doctoral and 22 master’s
graduates. In 2012, the Department entered the second
year of a five-year strategy to accelerate the throughput
of staff doing PhDs. This programme has been supported
by the Emerging Researcher Programme and the Research
Researchers received funding for numerous research
activities. Amsuda Sonday, Elewani Ramugondo and Madri
Engelbrecht secured NRF grants. Fadia Gamieldien and
Matumo Ramafikeng secured scholarships from Canon
Collins Trust and Mellon respectively. Madie Duncan
secured the final tranche of funding from SANPAD for a
participatory development project for disability inclusion
in deep rural villages in the Eastern Cape. Dr Wimpenny
from Innovation Enterprise Centre at Coventry University,
(UK) secured an applied research fellow grant from
Coventry University for a cross contextual investigation
of undergraduate mental health occupational therapy
curriculum & entrepreneurship in collaboration with Madie
Duncan and Loren Lewis. Romy Parker was awarded NRF
Thuthuka funding to complete her PhD. Niri Naidoo,
Gillian Ferguson and Vivienne Norman were awarded
Research Development Grants. Pat Mayers and Una
Kyriacos received funding from the URC to attend and
present at the Nursing Education Tomorrow conference in
the UK. Nicki Fouché received a URC Travel grant to visit
The Netherlands. Douglas Newman-Valentine was selected
to attend a PhD Proposal Development Programme that
was run by SANTRUST, an organisation that specialises in