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Health Sciences
role & scope of OT, and groupwork practice on OT. She
also served as one of 400 people internationally in the
UN Grand Challenges for Global Mental Health in 2011
(published in 2012) adding an occupational perspective
to this internationally significant policy initiative. Fadia
Gamieldien (clinical educator) is on the Mental Health
Advisory Committee for the Western Cape Department of
Health. Roshan Galvaan initiated a project of international
cooperation entitled Occupational Therapy Education for
Social Transformation (OTEST): a pilot co-operative inquiry.
This project was funded in 2010/2011 by Higher Education
South Africa together with the National Research
Foundation of South Africa under the auspices of the
Academic committee of the India-Brazil-South Africa
trilateral Forum (IBSA, 2012). The project included the
participation of Dr. Shovan Saha from India and Dr. Sandra
Galheigo from Brazil, as co-researchers. Progress was
made in 2012 towards joint publications. Michal Harty is a
Member of Professional Association’s task team that works
towards developing a strategy to facilitate research process
for members of the South African Speech, Language and
Hearing Professions, and has a VIO Grant with Vanderbilt
Peabody College to develop research collaboration.
Michelle Pascoe is Chief Editor of the South African
Journal of Communication Disorders. Harsha Kathard,
Vivienne Norman (co-Editor), and Lucretia Petersen are
on the Editorial Board for the South African Journal
of Communication Disorders. Harsha Kathard is on the
Editorial Board for the South African Medical Journal.
Michelle Pascoe also serves on the Editorial Board for Child
Language Teaching and Therapy. Nicki Fouche remains as
the Editor for Nursing Science for The Southern African
Journal of Critical Care. Seyidele Amosun and Jennifer
Jelsma are on the Editorial Board of the South African
Journal of Physiotherapy, and Theresa Burgess is on the
Editorial Board for the South African Journal of Sports
Medicine. Pat Mayers is a member of the BMC Health
Services Research Editorial Board.
Department Statistics
Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer & Lecturer
Part-time Lecturer
Clinical Educator
Technical and Support Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Postgraduate Diplomas
Research fields and staff
Professor S.L. Amosun
Non-communicable diseases; disability prevention and
health promotion
Ms Helen Buchanan
Evidence-based practice; hand therapy; measurement
instruments; rehabilitation in physical health; clinical
reasoning and reflection
Dr Theresa Burgess
Muscle damage and endurance exercise; clinical sports
physiotherapy; bioethics
Ms Lizahn Cloete
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders; community
development & occupational therapy in primary health
Associate Professor Sheila Clow
Midwifery; women’s health care; intrapartum care;
Associate Professor Sinegugu Duma
Interplay between HIV and gender-based violence; sexual
assault; and curriculum development
Associate Professor Eve Duncan
Poverty, occupation & psychiatric disability; disability
inclusion through participatory development in deep rural
Ms Eileen du PLooy
Occupation based work practice; palliative care
Ms Gillian Ferguson
HIV; paediatric motor assessment and rehabilitation
Ms Nicki Fouche
Lived experiences in the care of patients in the Intensive
Care Units
Associate Professor Roshan Galvaan
Occupation-based community development practice;
occupational justice; occupational choice; youth; OT
curriculum and human rights