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Health Sciences
Holloway, P., Angelova, M., St Clair Gibson, A., Lombardo,
S., Lee, D., Ellis, J., Lambert, E.V. and Rauch, H.G.L.
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patterns. Proceedings of the 2012 6th IEEE International
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Narayanan, P., Warton, C.M.R., Jacobson, S.W., Jacobson,
J.L., Molteno, C.D. and Meintjes, E.M. 2012. Comparison
of volumes of cerebellar lobules on structural MRI using
manual and automatic segmentation in normal and alcohol-
exposed children. Proceedings of the International Society
for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 20th Annual
Meeting & Exhibition (2012), 5-11 May 2012, Melbourne,
Australia. USA: ISMRM International Society for Magnetic
Resonance in Medicine. ISSN 1545-4428.
Paul, S.K., Rekha, V. and Sivarasu, S. 2012. Tactile sensing
fabrics for detecting impairments in leprosy patients.
Proceedings of the 7th International Appropriate
Healthcare Technologies Conference - World Wellbeing
Health and for Developing Countries (AHT 2012),
18-19 September 2012, London, UK. London: IET
The Institution of Engineering and Technology. ISBN
Suresh, A., Harn, C., Pollack, E., Kroon, M., Poluta, M.A.J.,
Kelso, D. and Glucksberg, M. 2012. Novel device to conduct
flash-heat treatment in efforts to reduce mother-to-child
HIV transmission in low-resource areas. Proceedings of
the 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2012),
28 August - 1 September 2012, San Diego, CA, USA. USA:
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Tezoo, T. and Douglas, T.S. 2012. Interactive segmentation
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models. Proceedings of the 34th Annual International
Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and
Biology Society (EMBC 2012), 28 August - 1 September
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Brijlal, Y., John, L.R. and Sivarasu, S. Hand Exoskeleton.
Provisional Patent Application. South Africa 2012/08238.
Britto, P.I., Rekha, V. and Sivarasu, S. Rehabilitative Robotics
in Mobility Assistance for Paraplegics. March 2012.
Application No.: 923/CHE/2012. Indian Patent Office.
Doctoral dissertations
Alhamud, A. 2012. Implementation of anatomical navigators
for real time motion correction in diffusion tensor imaging.
Supervised by Meintjes, E.M.
Burger, I. 2012. A control system approach to subject
specific prospective respiratory motion correction in
cardiac MRI. Supervised by Meintjes, E.M.
Cook, I. 2012. Voluntary physical activity: measurement and
relationship to selected health parameters in rural black
South Africans resident in the Limpopo Province, South
Africa. Supervised by Lambert, E.V. and Alberts, M.
De Milander, L. 2012. Genetic factors associated with
performance and exercise-associated weight loss in
ironman triathletes. 277pp. Supervised by Collins, M.
Genade, T. 2012. A study of neurodegeneration and
neuroprotection in nothobranchius guentheri. 192pp.
Supervised by Lang, D.M. and Kidson, S.
Gray, J. 2012. Lower back pain in adolescent fast bowlers.
298pp. Supervised by Derman, E. and Vaughan, C.
Hendricks, M.S. 2012. The tackle in rugby union:
understanding training and match behaviours to develop
better coaching strategies for skill acquisition, performance
and injury prevention. Supervised by Lambert, M.I.
Prinsloo, G. 2012. The physiological effects of heart rate
variability biofeedback during laboratory induced cognitive
stress. Supervised by Derman, E. and Rauch, H.G.L.
Robertson, F.C. 2012. Issues in the processing and analysis
of functional NIRS imaging and a contrast with fMRI
findings in a study of sensorimotor deactivation and
connectivity. Supervised by Meintjes, E.M. and Douglas, T.
Swart, J. 2012. Perceptual cues in the regulation of endurance
exercise. Supervised by Lambert, M.I. and Noakes, T.
Master’s degrees (by research)
Bonthuys, A. 2012. Stem cells and neoplasia: a study of
benign melanocytic naevi. MSc (Med) Cell Biology. 90pp.
Supervised by Kidson, S. and Todd, G.
Boonzaier, N. 2012. Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure
on cerebellar volume in children: an MRI study. MSc (Med)
Applied Anatomy. 58pp. Supervised by Meintjes, E.M. and
Warton, C.M.R.
Chetty, A.K. 2012. Involvement of p300 in caffeine-
induced hyper-acetylation of histones at the MEF2 binding
domainon the Glut4 gene. MSc (Med) Cell Biology. 124pp.
Supervised by Ojuka, E.