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Centre for Higher Education Development
Research output
Chapters in books
Ismail, S. 2012. Holding onto transformative practices in
a university: musings of a feminist popular educator. In L.
Manicom and S. Walters (eds), Feminist Popular Education
in Transnational Debates: Building Pedagogies of
Possibility, pp. 177-191. Great Britain: Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN 9780230339132.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Favish, J., McMillan, J.M.E. and Ngcelwane, S.
2012. Developing a strategic approach to social
responsiveness at the University of Cape Town, South
Africa. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and
Engagement, 16: 37-59.
Jawitz, J.P. 2012. Race and assessment practice in South
Africa: understanding black academic experience. Race
Ethnicity and Education, 15(4): 545-559.
Shay, S.B. 2012. Educational development as a field: are
we there yet? Higher Education Research & Development,
31(3): 311-323.
Centre for Open Learning
Acting Director: Medeé Rall
Centre Profile
The Centre for Open Learning comprises two divisions:
the Third Term and the Public and Continuing Education
Divisions. The Public and Continuing Education Division
is responsible for the annual Summer School programme.
This programme encourages a diverse community of
students to enjoy adult study by making University
research available to the general public, by drawing
on different disciplines and by stimulating debate
about important issues. The Public and Continuing
Education Division also offers continuing education
opportunities to the general public, work-related
courses aimed at career development and customised
courses designed for specific organisations. It also
makes focused interventions in the adult education
and cultural sector, working with other partners. The
Third Term Division offers University accredited courses
to University students during the University’s winter
and summer vacations. This division draws on the
University’s academic resources for its courses.
Centre Statistics
Permanent and long-term contract staff
Senior Lecturers
Technical and Support Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Research Fields and Staff
Dr Kevin Williams
Senior Lecturer: Social agency and student learning;
Heideggarian insights on being in relation to research
Professor Ingrid Fiske
Adult education provision, adult education practices at
cultural institutions such as museums, contemporary South
African literary practices, poetry writing.
Medeé Rall: Senior Lecturer:
Adult education
provision, multimodality, museum studies.
Contact Details
Postal address: Centre for Open Learning, Kramer Law
Building, Middle Campus, University of Cape Town, Private
Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Tel: +27 21 650 2888
Fax: + 27 21 650 2893
Research output
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Williams, K. 2012. Rethinking ‘learning’ in higher education.
Journal of Critical Realism, 11(3): 296-323.
Creative writing
Anthology of poems
Fiske, I.J. (Writing as De Kok) 2012. Merchants in Venice.
South Africa: African Sun Press, pp. 36-37.
Poems in journals
De Kok, I. 2012. Three poems in
The Common
(Amherst) The poems are ‘Today I do not love my country’
(p129),’Histoplasmosis’ (pg130) and ‘Shards’ (pp131-3).