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Centre for Higher Education Development
Associate Professor Moragh Paxton
Language Development Group. Impact of prior discourses
on acquisition of new discourses; Literacy Practices in
Higher Education; Multilingualism for learning; Affordances
and Barriers to acquisition of postgraduate research genres.
Dr Howard Pearce
Senior Lecturer, Co-ordinator, ASPECT, Faculty of
Engineering and the Built Environment. Quantitative and
Qualitative Learning in Physics; Assessment of student
learning in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering;
Mathematics for Engineering students; Curriculum
Mr Robert Prince
Deputy Director, Academic Development Programme.
Algebraic Number Theory; Commutative Algebra;
Mathematics Education; Computers in Teaching
Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy, Admissions Testing.
Associate Professor June Pym
Director: Education Development Unit, Faculty of
Commerce. Barriers to learning; Effect of prior educational
experience and context on student learning; the impact of
the teaching and learning environment, Identity and agency.
Ms Sheena Rughubar-Reddy
Lecturer, Numeracy Centre. Mathematics Education;
Development; Student learning (Extended programmes);
Teacher development.
Ms Megan Riley
Writing Consultant (part-time), Education Development
Unit, Faculty of Commerce. Academic literacy.
Professor Ian Scott
Director, Academic Development Programme. Higher
Education Policy related to Teaching and Learning;
Widening Participation in Higher Education; Curriculum
Development; Professional Development.
Ms Meke Shivute
Lecturer, Information Systems (ADP), Telemedicine,
Medical Informatics and competence-based curriculum
development for higher institutions.
Ms Riashna Sithaldeen
Lecturer, Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences.
Dr Leonard Smith
Senior Lecturer, Economics. Education Development Unit,
Faculty of Commerce. Economics Education; Academic
Ms Sherry Stuart
Academic Development Officer, Education Development
Unit, Faculty of Commerce. Impact of affective factors on
student success.
Mr Gary Stewart
Lecturer, Computer Science. Computer Education.
Ms Dale Taylor
Lecturer, Physics. Physics Education Research; Teacher
Dr Lucia Thesen
Senior Lecturer, Language Development Group. Access to
Academic Literacies; Postgraduate literacies; Multimodal
communicative practices.
Mr Stuart Torr
Lecturer, Mathematics, Education Development Unit,
Faculty of Commerce. Mathematics Education; Contextual
priming and mathematical abstraction.
Dr Mathilde van der Merwe
Lecturer, Language Development Group. Postgraduate
quantitative literacies, Postgraduate publication patterns:
Biological Sciences.
Dr Ermien van Pletzen
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, Language Development
Group. Academic Literacy; Medical Education; Public
Ms Evelyn Vicatos
Lecturer (part-time), ASPECT, Faculty of Engineering and
the Built Environment. Introduction to academic literacy
and scientific writing for 1
year engineering students in
the academic support programme.
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