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Faculty of Humanities
Associate Professor Fritha Langerman
Printmaking; curatorship and display; art and science
Ms Virginia MacKenny
Painting, video; visual theory; contemporary art
Dr Siona O’Connell
Visual studies; archives and memory
Emeritus Professor Malcolm Payne
Video art; digital printmaking
Professor Colin Richards
Contemporary (South African) art practice; theory; history
in global perspective
Dr Raél Jero Salley
Painting; Modern and Contemporary Art History; Visual
Theory and Discourse; African American Art; Theories of
Black and African Diaspora
Mr Fabian Saptouw
Process Art; Materiality; Printmaking; History of
bookmaking; Text/Image relationships
Honorary Professor Penelope Siopis
Critical practices in contemporary painting; shame and
sexuality in visual art; psychoanalysis and art; archival film
and narrative in video art
Professor Pippa Skotnes
Visual history and representation; curatorship and the
archive; and bookarts
Ms Anna Tietze
History of art collecting and museum policy; 19th century
French art and society; the history of the print; history and
theory of art training institutions.
Mr Johann van der Schijff
Sculpture; interactive art installations; computer aided
design and manufacturing
Professor Gavin Younge
Issues of ‘Re-wilding’ and ‘Hyperwilderness’ in
international contexts; negotiating transnational trauma
in sculpture and film
Ms Carine Zaayman
New media; film theory; psychoanalysis and notions of
subjectivity in art
Research output
Edited books
De Prada-Samper, J.S. (ed.) 2012. Cuentos populares de
África. 288 pp. Madrid: Siruela. ISBN 978-84-9841-650-3.
Lamprecht, A. and Powell, I. (eds) 2012. Jeanette Unite:
TERRA. 191 pp. Cape Town: SoSo Press. ISBN 978-1-
Chapters in books
Conradie, A. 2012. Remaking culture for sale: the strategic
commodification, constructionandperformanceof ‘traditional’
cultural identity in South African cultural villages. In D.
Boswell, R. O’Shea and E. Tzadik (eds), Interculturalism,
Meaning and Identity, pp. 65-76. Freeland, United Kingdom:
Interdisciplinary Press. ISBN 978-1-84888-159-4.
Godby, M. 2012. Confronting horror: Emily Hobhouse
and the concentration camp photographs of the South
African War, 1899-1902. In M.-P. di Bella and J. Elkins
(eds), Representations of Pain in Art and Visual Culture,
pp. 157-169. New York: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-
Langerman, F. 2012. Trees, webs and explosions: the
analogical imperative in the politics of knowledge. In S.
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Siopis, P. 2012. The Hooks of History: Three Films. In M.-H.
Gutberlet and C. Snyman (eds), Shoe Shop. Johannesburg:
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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
De Prada-Samper, J.S. 2012. The forgotten killing
fields: “San” genocide and Louis Anthing’s mission to
Bushmanland, 1862-1863. Historia, 57(1): 172-187.