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Ms Somikazi Deyi
Lecturer; multilingualism in higher education with a
particular focus on the teaching of mathematics and
science in the home language.
Dr Tessa Dowling
Senior Lecturer; Second language teaching and learning;
Associate Professor Yasin Dutton
Section Head (Arabic); early Islamic law; early Koranic
manuscripts; Islamic law in the modern world.
Dr Vanessa Everson
Senior Lecturer; Women writers from the Maghreb (1990
onwards); translation; modern language methodology.
Professor Joan Hambidge
Section Head (Afrikaans); poetry; theory of literature and
criticism; gender studies; creative writing.
Mrs Sonja Loots
Lecturer; Afrikaans literature; Dutch literature; Afrikaans
archive; commemorating the past; Afrikaans writers
writing about apartheid; memory and history in Afrikaans
prose; museum practices in recent Afrikaans novels; social
anthropological approaches in Afrikaans prose.
Dr Pasquale Macaluso
Lecturer; Modern Arabic literature; 20
century Syrian
discourse; Arab nationalism.
Ms Annabelle Marie
Lecturer; didactics of foreign language and analysis of
French literature, especially from the Caribbean and
French-speaking Africa.
Associate Professor Abner Nyamende
African Literature; Oral Literature; Xhosa Clan Names.
Ms Rethabile Possa
Lecturer; Sesotho Literature; Folklore, riddles and
Dr Azila Reisenberger
Section Head (Hebrew); Modern and Ancient Hebrew
Dr Roman Roth
Section Head (Classics); Classical Archaeology and material
culture of the Mediterranean world.
Ms Brigitte Selzer
Section Head (German); Lecturer; German language
and literature; woman/gender studies; satire; language
skepticism 19
century; turn-of-the-century literature;
German Romanticism.
Mr Wilhelm Snyman
Lecturer; German and Italian 20 th century literature and
post-war cinema; Asian cinema; colonial literature and
history of Asia and Africa; paedogogics of German &
Dr Mantoa Rose Smouse
Section Head (African Languages); Child language
acquisition, Second language teaching.
Mrs Gail Solomons
Senior Lecturer; paedagogics of Latin; language acquisition
for second language speakers; the teaching of etymology.
Associate Professor Giona Tuccini
Section Head (Italian); Medieval and Renaissance lyric
poetry and prose; mysticism and religious writings; 20
century literature, cinema and drama.
Professor Etienne van Heerden
Historiography and fiction; Caribbean Dutch literature in
the former Dutch colonies; theory of literature; creative
writing; the Internet as educational medium.
Dr Ian van Rooyen
Lecturer; second language acquisition and teaching;
special purposes language teaching; contemporary theory
of metaphor.
Professor David Wardle
Roman history and historiography; Roman exemplary
literature; Roman religion and ruler cult.
Distinguished visitors
Dr D Culpin, St Andrews, Scotland.
Professor Susana Chavez-Silverman, Pomona College, USA
Patrick Chamoiseau, Martinique
Professor Mei Zeng, Shandong Jiaotong University, China
Honorary Research Associates
Dr L. Gochin Raffaelli. Italian Literature.
Dr A Seba-Collett. French Literature
Associate Professor A. Wynchank. French Literature.
Research output
Authored books
Van Heerden, E.R. 2012. Haai Karoo. Tafelberg Publishers.
160pp. ISBN 978-0-624-05616-4.
Whitaker, R.A. 2012. The Iliad of Homer: A Southern African
Translation. Cape Town: New Voices. 528pp. ISBN 978-1-