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Faculty of Humanities
6 February, 18, 21 April, 7 June, 22 December. trombonist.
240 minutes
Haubrich, W. and Rossi, M.J. 2012. Mike Rossi Band.
Mahogany Room, 6, 7 April. trombone. 120 min.
Haubrich, W. and Reid, M. 2012. Playing with Fire
Klezmer Band. Albo Center, Sea Point Synagogue, 16,
17 January, 5 August, 4 November. trumpet, flgelhorn,
trombone. 240 min.
Haubrich, W. 2012. SACM Recruitment Workshops.
Alexander Road High, Port Elizabeth, 19, 20 April. trumpet,
flugelhorn, trombone. 2 days
Haubrich, W. 2012. SACM Staff Concert. Baxter Theatre, 14
February. Euphonium/sax duo. 5 min
Haubrich, W. 2012. Skippys Function Band. Kirstenbosch
and Mount Nelson Hotel, 16 February, 21 March, 9 May.
trombone. 240 min.
Haubrich, W., Blake, M., Amon, P., Thompson, D.
and Green, N. 2012. Solid Brass Quintet. Waterfront,
Strandkombuis Yzerfontein, 12, February, 3 March, 14
Dec. trombone. 180 min
Haubrich, W., Rossi, M.J. and Blake, M. 2012. Songfest
German Band. German Club, Durban & Joburg Beerfest, 1,
29 January, 18 February, 15 April, 11-14, 27 Oc. trombonist.
240 min.
Haubrich, W. and Anguelov, S. 2012. Tango Club.
Suikerbossie Restaurant, 19 February. trombone, trumpet.
240 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Stellenbosch University Choir, and van
der Merwe, A. 2012. A sexta autem hora for 8-part choir.
(a) World Choir Games, Cincinatti, USA, (b) Endler Hall,
Stellenbosch; (a) 4-14 July; (b) 19 October. Composer.
4 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Menlopark High School Choir, and
van Papendorp, J. 2012. Bont konsertina laans die
watervoor Version for mixed choir and piano. Finals of
ATKV Applous Competition, Endler Hall, Stellenbosch,
28 July. Composer. 2 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Schumann, N. and du Toit, M. 2012. Canto
notturno for clarinet and piano. Cape Town Concert Series,
Baxter Concert Hall, 4 August. Composer. 4 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., van Eeden, B. and Bronkhorst, J. 2012.
Geluk for high voice and piano. Fismer Hall, Stellenbosch,
7 December. Composer. 3 min
Hofmeyr, H.P., Stoltz, L., Van Schalkwyk, A.A., Minnaar, M.
and Martens, P. 2012. Il giardino delle Esperidi for flute
septet; Dover Beach for high voice, flute, cello and piano.
Music in the City, Hiddingh Hall, Cape Town, 19 September.
Composer. 8 + 8 min
Hofmeyr, H.P., Kerrod, J. and Stoltz, L. 2012. Il poeta e
lusignolo Version for flute and harp; Elegia for flute and
harp. 3 performances for the Darling Voorkamerfest; several
other performances, 31 August-2 September. Composer. 8
+ 5 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. and Pauw, M. 2012. Incantesimo for flute.
(a) Casa Labia Morning Concert Series, Cape Town; (b)
Mosselbay Arts Society, St. Peters Church, (a) 14 June; (b)
28 June. Composer. 4 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Thorne Burgess, J. and the UCT Singers,
2012. Jesu for choir, Die Spokewals for 8-part choir. Baxter
Concert Hall, Cape Town, 22 September. Composer. 3 +
5 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. and Krivokapi, G. 2012. Lachrymae for guitar.
20th Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy,
Kurfrstliches Schloss, Koblenz, Germany, 23 May. Composer.
14 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Nuss Tinnin, R., Tinnin, R. and Bennet, E.
2012. Of Innocence and Experience for high voice, trumpet
and piano. New Works Concert, International Trumpet
Guild Conference, Columbia State University, Georgia,
USA, 25 May. Composer. 6 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. 2012. Preludio and Umsindo from Partita
africana for piano. Rustenberg Piano Festival, Cape Town,
19 April. Composer, pianist. 7 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Akustika Chamber Singers, and Burger, C.
2012. Saulus in Damascum for 8-part choir. Spittal an der
Drau Competition, Austria & various other performances,
June 2012. Composer. 5 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Du Toit, G.F. and Stoltz, L. 2012. Sonata
for Flute and Piano, Maball for flute and piano. School of
Music, North West University; (b) Rhodes University; (a) 31
July; (b) 25 September; (c) 30 September. Composer. 14 +
7 + 4 + 4 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P. and Krawitz, J. 2012. Sonata for Piano. a)
Infecting the City, Cape Town Station Concourse; (b) ? (c)
Music in the City, Hiddingh Hall, Cape Town; (a) 8 March
(1st performance), 9 March; (b) 17 Oct. Composer. 17 min.
Hofmeyr, H.P., Pauw, M., Bam, A., van Eeden, B., Btonz, K.,
Levy, S. and Timofejevsky, P. 2012. Trio II for flute, clarinet and
piano. St. Andrews Church Concert Series, Cape Town, 16