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Faculty of Humanities
Dr Progress Njomboro
Interested in investigating cognitive deficits in
neuropsychiatric samples and their relationship to apathy
symptoms and related disorders of goal-directed behaviour.
Keen on using lesion studies and brain imaging techniques
to map out the underlying functional and neural substrates
of these negative symptoms.
Dr Nokuthula Shabalala
The role of psychology in health care especially in
service delivery within primary health care settings, the
management of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted
infections at various levels, gender issues and race and
identity in contemporary South Africa.
Professor Mark Solms
Neuropsychology – research and clinical; brain mechanisms
of dreaming, emotion, motivation; psychological
mechanisms of confabulation and anosognosia syndromes.
Ms Leigh Schrieff
Current research involves the implementation and
evaluation of an intervention aimed at the remediation of
attention deficits following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in
children; interest in the broader topic of paediatric TBI in a
South African context; paediatric neuropsychology research
and rehabilitation; Social Psychology; contact theory and
intergroup relations.
Associate Professor Sally Swartz
Discourse studies including psychotic speech, language &
gender, language and power, language & psychotherapy,
conversation analysis; history of psychiatry, including
history of South African lunatic asylums; treatment of the
insane in South Africa before 1940; social history of insanity
in colonial settings.
Dr Kevin Thomas
Cognitive/Clinical Neuropsychology: neural substrates
and assessment of spatial cognition; memory function
in temporal lobe epilepsy; effects of stress, anxiety, and
trauma on memory. Cognitive aging: effects of age and
age-related diseases on memory and spatial cognition;
Meta-analysis: quantitative reviews within neuropsychology.
Professor Colin Tredoux
Social psychology (contact theory, social influence);
psychology and law (all aspects, but especially eyewitness
research, child witness research, legal decision making, false
memory syndrome); cognitive psychology (face recognition);
methodology and statistics. Philosophy of psychology.
Dr Catherine Ward
Violence prevention from the perspective of children’s
development, and particularly in public health approaches
to this – in developing evidence-based approaches to
violence prevention that have a wide reach and are effective
in improving children’s development and reducing their
likelihood of becoming aggressive.
Dr Lauren Wild
Processes of risk and resilience in school-age children and
adolescents, including (1) family stress (e.g., family conflict
and parental HIV/AIDS), caregiving and child adjustment,
and (2) identifying factors associated with risk behaviours
in adolescents.
Dr Pedro Wolf
Evolutionary psychology (life history theory, assortative
mating); methodology and statistics; program evaluation;
cross cultural research.
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Psychology, University of
Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701
Tel: +27 21 650 3417
Fax: +27 21 650 4104
UCT General enquiries: +27 21 650 9111
UCT web:
Research output
Authored books
Dawes, A.R.L., Biersteker, l. and Hendricks, L. 2012. Towards
Integrated Early Childhood Development: An Evaluation of
the Sobambisana Initiative. Claremont, Cape Town: Llifa
Labantwana. 91pp. ISBN 9780620539999.
Edited books
Ellis, G.F.R., Stein, D.J., Thomas, K. and Meintjes, E.M. (eds)
2012. Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa. 394pp.
Cape Town: UCT Press. ISBN 978-1-91989-529-1.
Ward, C.L., van der Merwe, A. and Dawes, A.R.L. (eds)
2012. Youth Violence: Sources and Solutions in South
Africa. 432pp. Cape Town: UCT Press. ISBN 978 1 9198
9587 1.
Chapters in books
Davids, A., Ncitakalo, N., Pezi, S. and Zungu, N. 2012.
Sexual violence and HIV. In A. van Niekerk, S. Suffla and
M. Seedat (eds), Crime, Violence and Injury in South
Africa: 21st Century Solutions for Child Safety, pp. 97-118.