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Faculty of Law
Professor J. Burchell
Criminal Law; Personality Rights
Professor H. Cheadle
Labour Law; Human Rights; Constitutional Litigation; Legal
Professor H.M. Corder
Administrative Law; the Judicial Process
Professor P. de Vos, Claude Leon Foundation
Chair in Constitutional Governance
Constitutional Law; Current issues in Constitutional Law;
Governing under Constitution
Professor W. de Vos
Criminal Procedure; Law of Evidence; Constitutional
aspects of Procedure; Class
Professor L.A. Feris
Environmental law; Human rights, Liability; Biodiversity;
Climate Change; Trade and Environment
Professor J.N.K. Gibson
Law of the Sea; Coastal Zone Law; Environmental Law
Professor J.I. Glazewski
Environmental Law; Energy Law, Antarctic, Marine Pollution
Professor C.M. Murray
Constitutional Law including Co-operative Government,
Parliament, Intergovernmental Relations, Local
Government, Constitution Making, and Comparative
Constitutional Law
Professor P.J. Schwikkard
Evidence, Criminal Procedure
Professor C. Shearing
Governance of Security; Environmental Security
Associate Professors
Associate Professor R. Calland
Accountable Government; Access to Information; Whistle
Blowing Legislation; Constitutional Law; Public Ethics
Associate Professor A.R. Paterson
Environmental Law; Biodiversity; Protected Areas;
Environmental Fiscal Reform
Associate Professor D. Smythe
Law and Society (particularly the use of interdisciplinary
research methods); Criminal Justice Policy; Human Rights;
Violence against Women
Associate Professor E. van der Spuy
Policing (public); International Assistance to Policing in
Transition; Security Sector Reform; Police Reform; Peace-
Emeritus Professors
Professor D.J. Devine
International Law of the Sea; General Principles of
International Law; Regional Integration
Professor D. van Zyl Smit
Criminal Law
Honorary Professors
Professor J. Dugard
Advocate W. Trengove
Honorary Research Associates
Justice L.W.H. Ackermann
Emeritus Justice of the Constitutional Court
Senior Lecturers
Ms C.H. Powell
Constitutional Law; International Law; International
Criminal law
Ms M.C. du Plessis
Social Security Law and Governance; Workers’
Ms P.K. Gumede
Environmental Law; Alien Invasive Species, Environmental
Management Agreements; African Customary Law; Marine
Pollution Law
Ms K. Phelps
Constitutional Criminal Adjudication; Punishment; the
Principle of Legality and Sexual Offences
Mr A. Tshivhase
Military Justice; Criminal Procedure; Law and Regional
Integration in Africa; Human Rights; Constitutional Law