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Faculty of Law
Professor J. Cartwright
Urban Security Programme
Ms L. Joubert
Contract Researcher, Food Security
Administrative Staff
Ms V. Toleni
Administrative Assistant
Ms T. Hume
Finance Administrator
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr G. Super
Prisons and Crime in South Africa
Contact Details
Postal address: Centre of Criminology, 6.34, 6th Level,
Wilfred & Jules Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus,
University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700
Telephone: +27 21 650 4486
Fax: +27 21 6503790
Institute of Marine and
Environmental Law
Director: Associate Professor A.R. Paterson
Institute Profile
The Institute of Marine and Environmental Law undertakes
research, teaching and consultancy in the fields of marine
and environmental law both at the international level
and in the context of Southern Africa. It also participates
in multi-disciplinary projects in collaboration with other
specialists in marine and environmental subjects. 2012 was
a year of transition for the Institute with the sudden sad
death of its director, Professor John Gibson. Prof Gibson
will always be remembered for his significant international
and domestic contribution to teaching and research in
the areas of international law of the sea, coastal zone
law, marine resources law and marine pollution law. In
2012, Professor Loretta Feris initiated a research project
examining the right to sanitation in both international
law and domestic law. To this end she delivered papers
at both international and domestic conferences which will
shortly be published. She also published an article on acid
mine drainage and investigated the intersection between
customary law and the traditional rights to fishing, which
resulted in the drafting of an advisory opinion for the
Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority. Professor Jan
Glazewski’s research focussed on the areas of climate
change law and marine law. In collaboration with the
Centre for Law and Environment at UCL, he convened
a series of workshops and co-authored a report titled
Carbon Capture and Storage – Towards a Regulatory and
Legal Regime for South Africa. He was also involved in
collaborative projects with the ACDI (on climate change in
the Berg River Region) and MA-Re (on ocean governance).
Associate Professor Alexander Paterson continued with
his research in the area of protected areas governance.
He published several journal papers and book chapters
on co-management, indigenous peoples’ rights in
protected areas, and legal models for promoting inclusive,
participatory and human-centred legal approaches to
conservation. He also continued his work with the IUCN
Environmental Law Centre relating to the development
of a Concept Paper on the Legal Aspects of Connectivity
Conservation. Miss Peggy Gumede progressed with her
research in the areas of integrated coastal management
and alien invasive species regulation.
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Research Fields and Staff
Permanent Staff
Professor J.N.K. Gibson
Law of the sea; coastal zone law; environmental law
Professor J.I. Glazewski
Environmental law; energy law; Antarctic; marine pollution