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Distinguished visitors
Professor Jack Fisher
Montana State University – faunal remains in archaeology
Dr Alex Mackay
AustralianNational University – Pleistocene lithic technology
Professor Susan Pfeiffer
University of Toronto – biological anthropology
Professor Pierre-Jean Texier
CNRS-Valbonne France – prehistory
Dr Guillaume Porraz
CNRS, University of Paris 10 – Stone artefact technology of
the Middle Stone Age
Professor Margot Winer
Historical archaeology, landscape archaeology
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Archaeology, University of
Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 650 2353
Fax: +27 21 650 2352
Research output
Chapters in books
Malan, A. 2012. The cultural landscape. In N. Worden (ed.),
Cape Town Between East and West: Social Identities in a
Dutch Colonial Town, pp. 1-25. South Africa: Jacana Media
(Pty) Ltd. ISBN 9781431402922.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Brown, K., Marean, C., Jacobs, Z., Schoville, B.J., Oestmo,
S., Fisher, E., Bernatchez, J., Karkanas, P. and Matthews,
T. 2012. An early and enduring advanced technology
originating 71,000 years ago in South Africa. Nature, 491:
Chirikure, S. 2012. Reverse archaeology or relevance
seeking archaeology? Heritage and Society, 5(1): 116-120.
Chirikure, S., Manyanga, M. and Pollard, A. 2012. When
science alone is not enough: radiocarbon timescales,
history, ethnography and elite settlements in southern
Africa. Journal of Social Archaeology, 12(3): 356-379.
Mr Jayson Orton
Contract archaeology, historical archaeology, prehistory of
the southwestern Cape
Dr Lita Webley
Contract archaeology, historical archaeology, prehistory of
the southwestern Cape
Ms Liesbet Schietecatte
Contract archaeology, historical archaeology, prehistory of
the southwestern Cape
Emeritus Professors
Professor Nikolaas J. van der Merwe
Professor John Parkington
Hunter-gatherers, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and
human ecology, prehistoric art, coastal archaeology
Emeritus Associate Professor
Associate Professor A. Smith
Prehistoric pastoralism, origins of food production,
Honorary Research Associates
Dr Graham. Avery
Dr Kyle Brown
Stone artefact studies, landscape archaeology
Dr Per Ditlef Fredriksen
Ceramics, ethnoarchaeology, archaeology of farming
Mr Pieter Jolly
Contact period rock art, history of San-Nguni/Sotho
Professor Tim Maggs
Iron Age archaeology in southern Africa
Dr Webber Ndoro
Heritage Studies
Professor Susan Pfeiffer
Biological anthropology
Professor Larissa Swedell