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Faculty of Science
Mrs Sharon Barnard
Administrative Assistant
Mr Roger Duffett
IT Manager
Mr Tony George
Library Assistant
Ms Fahdelah Hartley
Senior Secretary
Mr Sayed Hess
Laboratory Departmental Assistant
Mr Chris Jack
Senior Scientific Technical Officer
Ms Vuyokazi Mafunya
Administrative Assistant
Mr Phillip Mukwenha
IT Assistant
Mrs Shaada Reddy
Ms Shahieda Samsodien
Senior Secretary
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Olivier Crespo
Agricultural and Water Research Modelling
Dr Joseph Daron
Climate uncertainties and adaptation
Dr Chris Lennard
Atmospheric Science
Dr Neil MacKellar
Climate and Land-cover Change
Dr Kabiri Ngeta
Environmental Governance for Social Justice
Dr Kazeem Oare Okosun
Epidemiological modelling and climate impact
Dr Serge Raemaekers
Small-scale Fisheries Governance
Honorary Professors
Professor John Boardman
Soil Erosion, Land Degradation
Professor Jonathan Crush
International Migration, Transnationalism
Professor Dave Thomas
Arid Zone Geomorphology, Quaternary Science
Research Associates
Dr Laurence Nathan
Dr David Fig
Emeritus Staff
Professor Ron Davies
Professor Richard Fuggle
Contact Details
Postal address: Department of Environmental and
Geographical Science, University of Cape Town, Private
Bag X3, Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: SA (21) 650 2873/4
Fax: SA (21) 650 3456
Research output
Edited books
Cartwright, A., Parnell, S., Oelofse, G. and Ward, S. (eds)
2012. Climate Change at the City Scale: Impacts, Mitigation
and Adaptation in Cape Town. 270pp. Abingdon, Oxon:
Routledge. ISBN 9780415527583.
Frayne, G.B., Moser, C. and Ziervogel, G. (eds) 2012.
Climate Change, Assets and Food Security in Southern
African Cities. 197pp. Abingdon, Oxon: Earthscan. ISBN
Holmes, P.J. and Meadows, M.E. (eds) 2012. Southern
African Geomorphology: Recent Trends and New
Directions. 420pp. Bloemfontein: Sun Press. ISBN
Chapters in books
Battersby-Lennard, J.E. 2012. Size matters: land restitution
in Knysna. In R. Donaldson and L.Marais (eds), Small Town
Geographies in Africa: Experiences from South Africa
and Elsewhere, pp. 311-326. New York: Nova Science
Publishers, Inc. U.S.A. ISBN 9781621000013.