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Faculty of Science
Professor Kathy Driver
Special functions, orthogonal polynomials and
approximation theory
Professor Peter Dunsby
Director of the National Astrophysics and Space
Science Programme; Co-Director of the Astrophysics,
Cosmology and Gravitation Centre; cosmological
perturbations; cosmic microwave background
anisotropies; gravitational lensing; inflationary
cosmology; cosmological magnetic fields; on-line
mathematics education
Professor George Janelidze
Category theory, Algebra, Topology, Sets and Logic
Professor Hans-Peter Künzi
Topology, orders, categories, combinatorics and their
applications in analysis and algebra; particular focus being
the theory of asymmetric topology; leader of topology and
category theory research group
Professor Daya Reddy
South African Research Chair in Computational Mechanics
Director, UCT Centre for Research in Computational
and Applied Mechanics (CERECAM); mathematical and
computational aspects of continuum mechanics; the finite
element method
Associate Professor Vasco Brattka
Computable Analysis, Effective descriptive set Theory,
Algorithmic Randomness
Associate Professor Christopher Gilmour
Pointfree topology and sigma-frames; categorical topology
Associate Professor Charles Hellaby
General relativity; cosmology; gravity
Associate Professor Alexandar Ianovsky
Dynamical systems – finite and infinite dimensions; differential
geometric methods in the theory of dynamical systems
Dr Peter Bruyns
Senior Lecturer; group theory; permutation groups
Dr Christopher Clarkson
Senior Lecturer; cosmology; gravitational waves; non-
linear perturbation theory; braneworlds -black holes;
quasi-normal modes
Dr Jurie Conradie
Senior Lecturer; functional analysis; vector lattices; von
Neumann algebras; non-commutative function spaces;
mathematics education
Dr Francoise Ebobisse Bille
Senior Lecturer, calculus of variations; PDE; mathematical
and computational aspects of continuum mechanics; the
finite element method
Dr David Erwin
Senior Lecturer; classical, applied and algebraic graph theory
Dr John Frith
Senior Lecturer; frame theory; topos theory; categorical
topology; mathematical education
Dr Henri Laurie
Senior Lecturer; mathematical biology, in particular
ecology; industrial mathematics; mathematics education
Dr Jeff Murugan
Senior Lecturer; string theory, quantumgravity, neurophysics
Dr Anneliese Schauerte
Senior Lecturer; frame and biframe theory; categorical
topology; uniform and quasi-uniform structures
Dr Amanda Weltman
Senior Lecturer, string theory, cosmology, gravity
Dr Nora Alexeeva
Lecturer; nonlinear dynamics and solitons; pattern
formation in reaction-diffusion systems; synchronization of
chaotic systems
Dr Margaret Archibald
Lecturer; analysis of algorithms and combinatorics
Dr Mark Berman
Lecturer, group theory, universal algebra, set theory and
model theory
Dr Tirivanhu Chinyoka
Lecturer; computational fluid dynamics
Dr Ebrahim Fredericks
Lecturer; lie symmetries analysis of stochastic differential
equations; lie symmetries analysis of partial differential
equations; lie symmetries analysis of ordinary differential
equations; applying lie symmetries to fluid mechanics,
applying lie symmetries to mathematics of finance
Dr Robert Martin
Lecturer, functional analysis; operator theory
Dr Andriy Pototskyy
Lecturer; stochastic processes and equations. Applications
in Biology and Physics