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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Abdalla, K. and Rafudeen, M.S. 2012. Analysis of nuclear
proteome of the resurrection plant xerophyta viscosa in
response to dehydration stress using iTRAQ with 2DLC
and tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Proteomics, 75:
Agrawal, G.K., Sarkar, A., Agrawal, R., Ndimba, B.K.,
Tanou, G., Dunn, M.J., Kieselbach, T., Cramer, R.,
Wienkoop, S., Chen, S., Rafudeen, M.S., Deswal, R.,
Barkla, B.J., Weckwerth, W., Heazlewood, J.L., Renaut,
J., Job, D., Chakraborty, N. and Rakwal, R. 2012.
Boosting the globalization of plant proteomics through
INPPO: current developments and future prospects.
Proteomics, 12: 359-368.
Beckett, M., Loreto, F., Velikova, v., Brunetti, C., Di
Ferdinando, M., Tattini, M., Calfapietra, C. and Farrant,
J.M. 2012. Photosynthetic limitations and volatile and
non-volatile isoprenoids in the poikilochlorophyllous
resurrection plant xerophyta humilis during dehydration
and rehydration. Plant Cell and Environment, 35: 2061-
Botha, S., Meyers, A.E. and Coyne, V.E. 2012. Transformation
of lacZ using different promoters in the commercially
important red alga, Gracilaria gracilis. African Journal of
Biotechnology, 11(8): 1879-1885.
Broadley, S., Gumbart, J., Weber, B.W., Marakalala, M.,
Steenkamp, D.J. and Sewell, B.T. 2012. A new crystal form
of MshB from mycobacterium tuberculosis with glycerol
and acetate in the active site suggests the catalytic
mechanism. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological
Crystallography, 68: 1450-1459.
Chopera, D., Cotton, L.A., Zawaira, A., Mann, J.K.,
Ngandu, N., Ntale, R., Carlson, J.M., Mlisana, K.,
Woodman, Z.L., de Assis Rosa, D., Martin, E., Miura, T.,
Pereyra, F., Walker, B.D., Gray, C., Martin, D.P., Ndungu,
T., Brockman, M.A., Abdool-Karim, S., Brumme, Z.L.,
Williamson, C. and Caprisa 002 Acute Infection Study
Team. 2012. Intersubtype differences in the effect of
a rare p24 gag mutation on HIV-1 replicative fitness.
Journal of Virology, 86(24): 13423-13433.
Curtis, S. and Meyers, P. 2012. Multilocus sequence analysis
of the actinobacterial genus Kribbella. Systematic and
Applied Microbiology, 35: 441-446.
Dayaram, A., Opong, A., Jaschke, A., Hadfield, J., Baschiera,
M., Dobson, R.C.J., Offei, S.K., Shepherd, D.N., Martin, D.P.
and Varsani, A. 2012. Molecular characterisation of a novel
cassava associated circular ssDNA virus. Virus Research,
166: 130-135.
Ehlers, M.R.W., Gordon, K., Schwager, S. and Sturrock, E.D.
2012. Shedding the load of hypertension: the proteolytic
processing of angiotensin-converting enzyme. SAMJ South
African Medical Journal, 102(6): 461-464.
Kunorozva, L., Stephenson, K., Rae, D. and Roden, L.C. 2012.
Chronotype and PERIOD3 variable number tandem repeat
polymorphism in individual sports athletes. Chronobiology
International, 29(8): 1004-1010.
Lotter-Stark, H., Rybicki, E.P. and Chikwamba, R. 2012.
Plant made anti-HIV microbicides-a field of opportunity.
Biotechnology Advances, 30: 1614-1626.
Lynch, A.G., Meyers, A.E., Williamson, A.-L. and Rybicki,
E.P. 2012. Stability studies of HIV-1 Pr55gag virus-like
particles made in insect cells after storage in various
formulation media. Virology Journal, 9: 210.
Magwira, C., Kullin, B., Lewandowski, S., Rodgers, A., Reid, S.J.
and Abratt, V.R. 2012. Diversity of faecal oxalate-degrading
bacteria in black and white South African study groups:
insights into understanding the rarity of urolithiasis in the
black group. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 113: 418-428.
Malan, H.L., Mesjasz-Przybylowicz, J., Przybylowicz, W.,
Farrant, J.M. and Linder, P.W. 2012. Distribution patterns of
the metal pollutants Cd and Ni in soybean seeds. Nuclear
Instruments &Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam
Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 273: 157-160.
Meiring, T., Salimo, A., Coetzee, B., Maree, H.J., Moodley,
J.R., Hitzeroth, I.I., Freeborough, M.J., Rybicki, E.P. and
Williamson, A.-L. 2012. Next-generation sequencing of
cervical DNA detects human papillomavirus types not
detected by commercial kits. Virology Journal, 9: 164.
Moffat, C.S., Ingle, R.A., Wathugala, D.L., Saunders, N.,
Knight, H. and Knight, M. 2012. ERF5 and ERF6 play
redundant roles as positive regulators of JA/Et-mediated
defense against Botrytis cinerea in Arabidopsis. PLoS One,
7(4): e35995.
Monjane, A., Pande, D., Lakay, F., Shepherd, D.N., Van Der
Walt, E., Lefeuvre, P., Lett, J.-M., Varsani, A., Rybicki, E.P.
and Martin, D.P. 2012. Adaptive evolution by recombination
is not associated with increased mutation rates in maize
streak virus. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12: 252.
Mortimer, E., Maclean, J., Mbewana, S., Buys, A.,Williamson,
A.-L., Hitzeroth, I.I. and Rybicki, E.P. 2012. Setting up a
platform for plant-based influenza virus vaccine production
in South Africa. BMC Biotechnology, 12:14).
Mulema, J. and Denby, K.J. 2012. Spatial and temporal
transcriptomic analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana-