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Animal Evolution and Systematics – Professor
David Jacobs
Functional Proteomics – Professor Jonathan
Archive and Public Culture – Professor Carolyn
Astrophysics and Space Science – Professor
Thomas Jarrett
Bioprocess Engineering – Professor Susan Harrison
Brain Imaging – Associate Professor Ernesta Meintjes
Cancer Biology (vacant in 2012)
Catalysis (vacant in 2012)
Climate Change – Professor Bruce Hewitson
Clinical Neurosciences Research – Associate
Professor Marc Combrinck
Computational Mechanics – Professor Daya Reddy
Customary Law – Professor Chuma Himonga
Drug Discovery – Professor Kelly Chibale
Social Science Chair in Economic Growth –
Professor Haroon Bhorat
Environmental and Social Dimensions of the Bio-
Economy – Associate Professor Rachel Wynberg
Health and Wealth in South Africa – Professor
Diane McIntyre
Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics (vacant
in 2012)
Immunology of Infectious Diseases in Africa –
Professor Frank Brombacher
Infection and Immunity of Poverty-related
Diseases – Professor Keertan Dheda
Islam, African Publics, and Religious Values –
Professor Abdulkader Tayob
Land Reform and Democracy in South Africa:
State and Civil Society Dynamics – Professor
Lungisile Ntsebeza
Marine Ecology and Fisheries – Professor Astrid Jarre
Migration, Language, and Social Change –
Professor Rajend Mesthrie
Minerals Beneficiation – Professor J-P Franzidis
Modelling of the Coupled Ocean-land-atmosphere
Phenomena Related to Climate (vacant in 2012)
Extragalactic Multi-wavelength Astronomy –
Professor Claude Carignan
Poverty and Inequality Research – Professor
Murray Leibbrandt
Reaction Engineering (vacant in 2012)
Scientific Computing – Professor Kevin J. Naidoo
Security and Justice – Professor Clifford Shearing
Stable Isotopes in Archaeology and
Palaeoenvironmental Studies – Professor Judith Sealy
Urban Policy – Professor Edgar Pieterse
Vaccinology – Professor Anna-Lise Williamson
South African Research
Chairs Initiative
The Department of Science and Technology’s South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) was designed to
strengthen the ability of the country’s universities to produce high-quality research and innovation output and,
through this, increase the quality of the training of postgraduate students, thereby contributing more directly to
growing the knowledge economy in South Africa. The SARChI Programme is managed by the National Research
The Chairs are expected to contribute significantly towards helping universities realise their strategic research
plans, and the initiative is intended to provide a base on which to consolidate and extend excellence in research.
Although the programme aims to attract South African and other international research expertise from abroad,
internal candidates are also considered for these Research Chairs.
UCT is now home to 33 SARChI Research Chairs after a further four awards were made in 2011/12 in the following
strategic areas:
Stable Isotopes in Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Studies
Environmental and Social Dimensions of the Bio-economy
Reaction Engineering
Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics