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analysis, and assessment of the 2011 South African census.
The Organisational Psychology section’s Institute for
Monitoring and Evaluation
remains the preferred provider
for public sector and non-governmental clients.
The research profile of the Graduate School of
Business also continued to grow. Highlights included
the 2012 international conference on the Business of
Social and Environmental Innovation, which had as its
Informal Sector Entrepreneurship and Social
. The conference was supported
by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and
Entrepreneurship and by TrustAfrica, which sponsored
the travel and accommodation costs of a number of
African delegates. The number of NRF-rated researchers
in the school is currently eight, which represents a 300
percent increase over two years.
The research achievements of the Commerce faculty
during 2012 have been notable, and the above represents
only a fraction of these. The other achievements are,
however, also both valued and recognised. The role of
the faculty in producing business knowledge for Africa,
integrated into the global context through an expanding
range of international collaborations, is in a phase of
exponential growth. We warmly encourage corporate
partners and new postgraduate students to join this hub
of excitement.