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Faculty of Commerce
S.O. Adewara (Economics)
Provision of public goods and health outcomes during
political transition in Nigeria
Supervised by Associate Professor M. Visser and Professor
D. McIntyre
N. Assaf (Accounting)
Longitudinal study of the relationship between board
attributes and firms’ performance in South Africa
Supervised by Professor E. Uliana
J.E.O. Ataguba (Economics)
Distributional impact of health care finance in South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor I. Woolard
F. Bankole (Information Systems)
The impacts of ICT infrastructure on national development:
a multi-method investigation involving data mining and
data envelopment analysis
Supervised by Professor I. Brown and Professor K. Osei-
F. Basardien (Graduate School of Business)
The impact of action strategies on entrepreneurial success
of emerging entrepreneurs in the Western Cape
Supervised by Dr H. Parker
W. Brafu Insaidoo (Graduate School of
Determinants and macro-volatility impact of international
capital flows in selected sub-Saharan Africa countries
Supervised by Professor N. Biekpe
Z. Brey (Graduate School of Business)
Towards building a theory of lean implementation in health
care: Understanding the
enablers and inhibitors of success
Supervised by Professor N.H.B. Faull
B.A. Delcarme (Information Systems)
The development and institutionalisation of an integrated
healthcare waste information system
Supervised by Professor I. Brown
T. Esemu (Graduate School of Business)
Innovation and value creation in the fish and cut-flower
export sectors in Uganda
Supervised by Associate Professor E. Wood
J. Fessehaie (Economics)
The dynamics of Zambia’s copper value chain
Supervised by Professor M. Morris
S.J. Gossel (Graduate School of Business)
A macroeconomic analysis of South Africa’s post-
liberalisation capital inflow
Supervised by Professor N. Biekpe
P.E. Grebe (Economics)
Civil society leadership in the struggle for AIDS treatment
in South Africa and Uganda
Supervised by Professor N. Nattrass
S. Hove (Economics)
Essays on monetary policy, institutions and terms of trade
shocks in emerging market
Supervised by Dr A. Touna Mama
F.M. Hove (Economics)
HIV prevalence estimates and their use in regression
models: cautionary evidence from
Zimbabwe and studies
of the relationship between armed conflict and HIV
Supervised by Professor N. Nattrass
G.J.P. Human (Management Studies)
Competencies, capabilities, and relational factors in buyer–
supplier business-to-business networks
Supervised by Professor J. Simpson
J.-M. Jaquet (Graduate School of Business)
A non-linear approach to modelling motivation in the
workplace using artificial neural networks
Supervised by Professor W. Baets
V. Katoma (Graduate School of Business)
A framework for discretionary effort based on performance
expectancies in an integrated work environment
Supervised by Professor K. April
G. Mutasa (Economics)
Disability grant and labour supply in South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor I. Woolard
T. Ngwaru (Economics)
Gender, poverty and intimate partner violence in Southern
Supervised by Professor N. Nattrass
M.M. Pheko (Management Studies)
Predictors of sensitivity toward being the target of upward
comparison (STTUC): a study of female employees in
Supervised by Associate Professor A. Schlechter
C.D. Reddy (Graduate School of Business)
Entrepreneurship, institutions, and economic development:
a configurational approach
Supervised by Associate Professor R. Hamann and Professor
B. Urban