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Faculty of Commerce
Research Staff and Fields
Professor Walter Baets
Innovation; knowledge management; management
learning; non-linear dynamic (complex) behaviour in
management; pedagogical approaches; workplace
learning; personal development
Professor Geoff Bick
Marketing, particularly marketing metrics
Professor Nicholas Biekpe
Development finance, econometrics, statistics and financial
Professor Kurt April
Human dynamics; organisational leadership; organisational
psychology; personal psychology; diversity; inclusive
workplaces and cross-cultural dynamics.
Professor Anton Eberhard
Strategic management; restructuring and regulation of
infrastructure industries, including the electricity, gas,
telecommunication and water sectors.
Professor Thomas Koelble
Globalisation; European politics; business, governance and
society; electoral laws; South African democracy.
Professor John Luiz
International business; business in Africa; business, society,
and government economics of emerging markets.
Professor Eric Wood
Entrepreneurial thinking and mindsets-both individual and
systemic; entrepreneurs as role models; high-tech ventures;
entrepreneurship education; internationalisation strategies
for high-profile businesses in the third world.
Professor (Emeritus) Norman Faull
Operations management; strategy and implementation;
lean thinking in operations; supply chain management;
world-class manufacturing.
Professor (Emeritus) Colin Firer
Financial planning; corporate finance; history of South
Africa's capital markets.
Professor (Emeritus) Paul Sulcas
Information systems and technology; business strategy;
applied business strategy; change management.
Associate Professor Richard Chivaka
Strategic cost management; supply chain management;
business strategy; business process improvement.
Associate Professor Ralph Hamann
Sustainable enterprise; corporate citizenship and social
responsibility; organizational strategy; cross-sector
Associate Professor Tom Ryan
Systems thinking and organisational development;
management development and learning; management
research methodology.
Associate Professor Kosheek Sewchurran
Innovation management, information systems, systems
thinking and project organising.
Associate Professor Mills Soko
International trade, international business; emerging
markets; globalization; foreign direct investment;
commercial diplomacy; regional economic integration,
with a specific focus on southern Africa; public-private
partnerships; economic competitiveness and innovation;
government-business relations in South Africa.
Dr Francois Bonnici
Social innovation, social entrepreneurship, health
Dr Preeya Daya
Human resources management; diversity, inclusion and
performance; performance management; leadership /
team performance; high performance culture / organisation
culture; employee engagement
Ms Janine Everson
Executive coaching; leadership and team development;
large group facilitation; organisational development;
productive dialogue skills; virtual teams; cross-cultural and
global teams; implementation of small and large-scale
coaching interventions.
Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro
Responsible and sustainable investment; developmental
finance; carbon finance and impact investment; social
studies of finance; anthropology of markets and
consumption; economic sociology; sustainability (green
building, fair trade).
Dr Sean Gossel
Applied financial econometrics; applied macro
econometrics; development finance; capital flows;
corporate finance.
Ms Fatima Hamdulay
Operations management; change leadership.
Dr Mlenga Jere
Advertising; consumer behaviour; social marketing.