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Dr Shadrick Mazaza
Health management; personal transformation; leadership;
continuous quality improvement; healthcare quality and
Dr Chipo Mlambo
Investments; finance; financial markets.
Dr Warren Nilsson
Relationship between positive organizational dynamics
(e.g., engagement, creativity, compassion) and broader
patterns of deep, intentional, institutional change.
Dr Eliada W Griffin-EL
Social entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial development in
African emerging markets; social capital/networks and
economic development; international development; global
political economics; grounded theory
Dr Hamieda Parker
Manufacturing and operations; supply chain management;
entrepreneurship; innovation and new product
Mr Mark Peters
Strategy, marketing and governance.
Dr Linda Ronnie
Managing people in organisations; organisational
change; adult learning; sociology of education; research
methodology; HR good practice and management;
organisational behaviour.
Ms Elanca Shelley
Executive development; systems thinking; organizational
diagnostics and design.
Ms Beverly Shrand
Marketing; database marketing; business administration.
Mr Barry Standish
Macro-economic performance and trends; economic
modelling; economic impact assessment; market size
Mr Lance Stringer
Technology strategy and management; IT management.
Dr Nosakhere Griffin-EL
Freirean thought, love as a theoretical framework,
qualitative methods, autobiography as methodology, and
educational and societal issues of peoples from oppressed
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of Cape Town, Breakwater Campus, Private Bag X3,
Rondebosch, 7701
Telephone: +27 21 406 1503
Fax: +27 21 406 1412
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Research Output
Authored books
Koelble, T.A. and Siddle, A. 2012. The Failure of
Decentralisation in South African Local Government. 301pp.
Claremont, South Africa: UCT press. ISBN 9781919895055.
Villa-Vicencio, C. and Soko, M. 2012. Conversations in
Transition: Leading South African Voices. 301pp. Cape
Town: New Africa Books (Pty) Ltd. ISBN 9780864867421.
Chapters in books
Hall, M.J. 2012. Public good and private benefits of higher
education. In B. Leibowitz (ed), Higher Education for the
Public Good: Views From the South, pp. 17-29. Stoke on
Trent, USA: Trentham Books. ISBN. 9781920338886.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
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of control expectancy on level of well-being. Review of
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