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health products, mineral bioleaching through heap
and tank processes, AMD prevention and remediation,
algal bioprocesses for bioenergy and fine chemicals.
Bioprocesses for sustainable process engineering.
Mr Hilton Heydenrych
Senior Lecturer - Development of a systematic approach
for the treatment of effluent water streams. Using
multi-criteria evaluations and comparisons of simulated
processes to develop new heuristic principles for
the design of water treatment processes. Chemical
engineering education: curriculum design and the
analysis of throughput issues.
Mr Nabeel Hussain
Centre for Catalysis Research - Design and development
of catalytic components and devices for low temperature
fuel cells
Dr Adeniyi Isafiade
Environmental and Process Systems Engineering – Process
design and optimization.
Dr Pieter Levecque
Centre for Catalysis Research - Electrocatalysts for fuel cells
and high throughput catalyst preparation
Professor Alison Lewis
Director of the Crystallization & Precipitation Research
Unit – Industrial precipitation and crystallization, product
and particle analysis; process control for optimised product
quality; crystallization process development; aqueous
chemistry modelling of speciation, thermodynamic
equilibria, hydrodynamic and population balance
modelling of precipitation systems; water treatment
through crystallization, eutectic freeze crystallization .
Mr Niels Lüchters
Centre for Catalysis Research - high throughput
experimentation, parallel preparation of heterogeneous
catalysts, high throughput methodology for fuel processing
Dr Aubrey Mainza
Centre for Minerals Research – Comminution and
classification, positron emission particle tracking, discrete
element method, computational fluid dynamics.
Ms Rethabile Melamu
Environmental & Process Systems Engineering Group -
waste-to-energy, specifically using a framework of waste-
to-energy projects on the ground.
Professor Klaus Möller
Process Modelling and Optimisation Group – multiphase
reactor modelling, separator modelling, integrated
reaction – separation systems modelling, parameter
estimation, modular process and flowsheet feasibility
and optimisation. Centre for Catalysis Research – wax
hydrocracking modelling, FT process modelling.
Professor Cyril O'Connor
Director of the Centre for Minerals Research Flotation,
reagent evaluation, cell design.
Dr Jochen Petersen
Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research –
Hydrometallurgy, especially heap (bio) leaching of
low grade minerals, heap reactor characterisation and
modelling, bio-leaching processes.
Dr Dyllon Randall
Crystallization and Precipitation Research Unit
Dr Randhir Rawatlal
Reactor Engineering with focus on modelling and
simulation, mass transfer modelling in the activation
of alkanes, multiphase flow, population balances
and applications of segregation and compartment
models in flow reactors for minerals bio-leaching and
Dr Marcos Rodriguez Pascual
Crystallization and Precipitation Research Unit - Design
and implementation of reactors for crystallization and
precipitation processes applying thermo - fluid dynamics
and non-intrusive optical techniques
Mrs Jeannette Sweet
Centre for Minerals Research - Comminution and flotation
Mrs Rene Toerien
Engineering Education - Chemical Engineering Schools
Project: Resource material development for secondary
school science teachers; science education research;
schools liaison.
Professor Eric van Steen
Centre for Catalysis Research/DST-NRFCentreof Excellence
in Catalysis C*Change - Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, nano-
materials, molecular modelling of heterogeneous catalytic
systems, reaction kinetics.
Mr Jacobus Van Der Merwe
Engineering Education
Mr Andries Van der Westhuizen
Centre for Minerals Research Comminution as used
on mineral processing operations for the liberation of
valuables. Applied process optimisation through plant