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Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
campaigns, mass balancing, model fitting, and simulations.
Fine grinding through stirred milling.
Dr Rob van Hille
Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research – Mineral
biotechnology, algal biotechnology, microbial ecology,
carbon cycling, sulphide chemistry and bioremediation.
Associate Professor Harro von Blottnitz
Environmental and Process Systems Engineering –
Industrial ecology especially Life Cycle Assessment, waste
management and bioenergy, for sustainable development.
Dr Mark Williamson
Development and characterisation of novel sensors for
use in combustion processes, computational fluid dynamic
modelling of combustion systems and optimisation of heat
transfer in ovens, furnaces and driers.
Mrs Jennifer Wiese
Centre for Minerals Research - Flotation chemistry
Honorary Staff
Honorary Professor Dee Bradshaw
Centre for Minerals Research – Process mineralogy, froth
flotation including machine vision systems and chemical
Honorary Adjunct Professor Alexander
Stewart Lambert
Honorary Adjunct Professor David William
Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr Aboyade Akinwale
LCA of syngas from co-gasification
Dr Mayeli Alvarez-Silva
An investigation into the role of the froth phase in the
flotation of UG2 ore using a laboratory column flotation cell
Dr Oluwatosin Azeez
Synthesis of heat exchanger networks involving multiple
Dr Theresa Feltes
Preparation and characterization of nano-materials for
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Dr Melinda Griffiths
Large scale production of spirulina
Dr Robert Henkel
Two-dimensional gas chromatography GCxGC-TOF,
Dr Rene Laryea-Goldsmith
Thermal conversion of biomass
Dr Peter Malatji
Development of bimetallic precious metal catalysts for
steam reforming of methane
Dr Ramoshibidu Mogorosi
Metal solutions indicators
Dr Rushanah Mohamed
Membrane electrode assembly development for PEM fuel
cell application
Dr Qiling Naidoo
Synthesis core-shell platinum group metal electrocatalysts
by different approaches
Dr Suzana Anna Savvi
Biological oxidation of alkanes for maximising use of this
Dr Angela Stott
Developing interactive quizzes for improving conceptual
learning in science education.
International Visitors
Centre for Catalysis Research
Professor Hans Niemantsverdriet - Eindhoven University of
Technology, Netherlands
Professor Guenther G. Scherer - Paul Scherrer Institut,
Professor Calvin HBartholomew - BrighamYoung University,
Dr Hanene Zazoua - Technical and Scientific Research
Centre of Physico-Chemical Analysis, Algeria
Dr Lerari Djahida - Technical and Scientific Research Centre
of Physico-Chemical Analysis, Algeria
Dr Sanjiv Malhotra (CEO) - Oorja Protonics, USA
Professor Thomas Schmidt - ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer
Institut, Switzerland
Professor Hubert Gasteiger - Technical University Munich,
Professor Graham Hutchings - Cardiff University, United
Dr Andrew York - Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Gessie Brisard - Sherbrooke University, Canada
Professor Hubert A. Gasteiger - Technische Universität,