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Health Sciences
There are a number of collaborative and self-initiated
projects running, with the recent requirement for a thesis or
dissertation leadingto increased interest. Theconsequences
of digital imaging and newer modalities remain strongly
felt, with diversification of interests. These continue to
be largely on the basis of combined collaboration and
multidisciplinary applied clinical research, together with
some basic research that is also being undertaken in MRI
and digital mammography. There is a good prospect of a
full body 3T MRI being installed soon.
The increase in service load, particularly on the multislice
CT’s, are placing an increased demand on reporting
time. An attempt is being made to run three CT scanners
during the day. The hope is that the PACS will allow more
efficient distribution of the resulting reporting work. Close
interaction with UCT PAH clinical service adds another
aspect to the work undertaken.
Social responsiveness
There is ongoing collaboration with a number of the closer
satellite hospitals, most notably GF Jooste, New Somerset
and Victoria, but also II Military Hospital (with significant
recent equipment upgrades), as well as with the newly-
developed and refurbished regional hospitals such as
George, Worcester and Paarl, Khayelitsha and Mitchells
Plain, that are likewise converting to digital imaging and
These are largely on the basis of close clinical collaboration
and applied research, although some more basic MRI and
digital radiography research has been published
The refashioning of the division into a purely digital system
will have a major impact on the manner of our clinical
interaction within and outside the division.
Contact Details
Postal Address: Division of Radiology, Room 16, C16,
Groote Schuur Hospital and University of Cape Town,
Private Bag, Observatory, 7935
Telephone: +27 21 404 4184 or 406 6426
Fax: +27 21 404 4185
Department Of Radiation
Research output
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