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Department of Surgery
Head of Department: Professor Del Kahn
Departmental Profile
The Department of Surgery comprises the nine Divisions:
General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emergency
Medicine, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics,
Otorhinolaryngology, Plastic Surgery and Urology
Each of theDivisions functions very independently with regard to
administration, clinical service, undergraduate and postgraduate
teaching, and research. The Special Clinical expertise, research
interests, and outstanding achievements over the last year, are
documented in the individual divisional profiles.
The Department of Surgery Research Day, organised by
Dr David le Feuvre, was a most successful collaboration
between the Divisions. Professor Richard Barnes delivered
the John Terblanche Lecture.
Department Of Surgery
Division Of General Surgery
Head of Division: Professor Del Kahn
Divisional Profile
The four surgical firms within the Division of General
Surgery are responsible for Hepatobiliary Surgery, Surgical
Oncology/Endocrine Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, and
Vascular Surgery. The Surgical Intensive Care Unit, the
Trauma Unit, and the Transplant Unit are also part of the
The Division prides itself on maintaining high standards
of clinical service, and teaching of both undergraduates
and postgraduates. The Division continues to function as
a true academic unit, with its members making significant
contributions at both local and international meetings,
while at the same time maintaining a high research output.
Professor Jake Krige has several research projects in
Portal hypertension and diseases of the liver and bile
ducts. Professor Lance Michell is involved in an audit of
admissions to the Surgical ICU, as well as several multi
centre pharmaceutical trials using anti microbials.
The Vascular Unit under Dr Nadraj Naidoo has established a
vibrant endovascular service. Genetic aspects of colorectal
cancer is the main research interests of Professor Paul
Goldberg in the Colorectal unit. Professor Eugenio Panieri
has a special interest in sentinel lymphnode biopsy in
breast cancer as well as problems related to battery acid
ingestion and thyroid cancer. Professors Andrew Nicol and
Pradeep Navsaria are involved in major audits of various
types of trauma, as well as various prospective randomised
studies including penetrating cardiac injuries. Dr Elmi
Muller has embarked on a study of transplanting kidneys
from HIV positive donors into HIV positive recipients.
In addition there is an Emergency Surgery Firm which
managers all the non-trauma surgical emergencies.
Contact Details
Division of General Surgery, University of Cape Town, Groote
Schuur Hospital, J46, Old Main Building, Observatory 7925
Tel: +27 21 406 6475
Fax: +27 21 448 6461
UCT web: