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Faculty of Health Sciences
H.N. Hairwadzi (Medicine)
Autoimmune hepatitis: a clinical-pathologic study of the role
of ethnicity, genetics, Type 1 interferons and dendritic cells
Supervised by Associate Professor W. Spearman, Associate
Professor E. Shephard and Associate Professor C.W.N.
M.S. Hendricks (Human Biology)
The tackle in rugby union: understanding training and match
behaviours to develop better coaching strategies for skill
acquisition, performance and injury prevention
Supervised by Professor M.I. Lambert
M. Janse van Rensburg (Clinical Laboratory
The role of the human papilloma virus E6 gene in cellular
Supervised by Professor M.I. Parker
S.Z. Kalula (Medicine)
Prevalence of and risk factors for falls in older people in an
urban community in South Africa
Supervised by Professor G.H. Swingler and Professor A.A.
Sayer (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)
R. Kareithi (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
Performance of development NGOs in HIV prevention for
young people
Supervised by Associate Professor C. Lund
S.R. Kleintjes (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
Participation of people with psychosocial disability in mental
health policy development in South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor C. Lund and Professor L.
Swartz (Stellenbosch University)
K. Lamont (Medicine)
The role of melatonin in red wine-induced cardioprotection
Supervised by Associate Professor S. Lecour
E.E. Lekei (Public Health and Family Medicine)
Establishment of a comprehensive surveillance system for
acute pesticide poisoning in Tanzania
Supervised by Professor L. London and Dr A.V.F. Ngowi
(Muhimbili University, Dar-es-Salaam)
A. Lombard (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)
The effect of sensory processing on the work performance of
call centre agents in a South African context
Supervised by Associate Professor E. Duncan
L. Masson (neé Roberts) (Clinical Laboratory
The impact of sexually transmitted infections and
inflammation in the female genital
tract and blood on
susceptibility to HIV-1 infection and disease progression
Supervised by Dr J. Passmore, Professor C. Williamson and
Associate Professor F. Little
R. Matzopoulos (Public Health and Family
The body count: using routine mortality surveillance data to
drive violence prevention
Supervised by Professor J. Myers and Professor M.L.
A.J. Nicol (Surgery)
The current management of penetrating cardiac trauma
Supervised by Professor D. Kahn
R.S. Ntale (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
The role of early cytotoxic lymphocyte (CTL) escape in the
pathogenesis of HIV-1 subtype C infection
Supervised by Professor C. Williamson
H. Onya (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
Alcohol use among adolescents in high schools inMankweng
District, South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor B. Myers and Professor
D. Stein
A. Pandor (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
An investigation into the molecular mechanisms underlying
retinitis pigmentosa 17 with the view to developing novel
gene-based therapies
Supervised by Professor R. Ramesar
S.P. Parihar (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
A role of statins against listeria monocytogenes and
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
Supervised by Professor F. Brombacher
G.E. Prinsloo (Human Biology)
The physiological effects of heart rate variability biofeedback
during laboratory induced cognitive stress
Supervised by Professor W. Derman and Dr L. Rauch
F.C. Robertson (Human Biology)
Issues in the processing and analysis of functional NIRS
imaging and a contrast with fMRI findings in a study of
sensorimotor deactivation and connectivity
Supervised by Associate Professor E. Meintjes and Associate
Prof T. Douglas
M.S. Shey (Child and Adolescent Health)
Determinants of innate immune responses to mycobacteria
Supervised by Professor W. Hanekom and Dr T. Scriba
K. Stinson (Public Health and Family Medicine)
Coverage of prevention of mother-to-child transmission
services in Cape Town, South Africa
Supervised by Associate Professor L. Myer