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J. Sun (Surgery)
Using community members to assist life-threatening
emergencies in violent, developing areas
Supervised by Professor L. Wallis
J. Swart (Human Biology)
Perceptual cues in the regulation of endurance exercise
Supervised by Professor M.I. Lambert and Professor
T. Noakes
D. Taylor (Medicine)
The use of combinations of chemosensitisers to reverse
chloroquine resistance in mice infected with malaria
Supervised by Associate Professor P. Smith
R.N. Thuku (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Structural analysis of C-terminal truncated mutants of the
nitrilase from Rhodococcus rhodochrous J1
Supervised by Professor B.T. Sewell
L. Watson (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Novel cell models for the study of Spinocerebellar Ataxia
type 7 pathogenesis and therapy in a South African patient
Supervised by Professor J. Greenberg, Professor M. Wood
(University of Oxford) and Associate Professor M. Weinberg
(University of the Witwatersrand)
S. Wiysonge (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Building evidence for improving childhood immunisation
coverage in Africa
Supervised by Professor G. Hussey and Professor B.D.
Schoub (National Health Laboratory Services)
C.J. Yates (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Mechanisms of chloride modulated activity in the C-domain
of angiotensin-converting enzyme
Supervised by Professor E.D. Sturrock
L. Zembe (Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
Investigating cross-clade immune responses inHIV-1 subtype
C-infected Individuals from South Africa: Implications for HIV
Vaccine Design
Supervised by Dr W. Burgers
C. Zhang (Medicine)
Population pharmacokinetic models describing drug-drug
interactions and variability in HIV infected South Africans
on protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral regimens with and
without tuberculosis
Supervised by Dr H. McIlleron, Dr P. Denti and Professor M.O.
Karlsson (Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University)
Bacon, T. and McNaught, A.M.
Prosthesis with Underactuated Prosthetic Fingers.
PCT Patent Application PCT PCT/IB2012/056637
Blackburn, J.M., Evans, M. and Sriram, K.
A Method of Determining the Identity of Analyte Molecule
Present in a Complex
PCT Patent Application PCT PCT/IB2012/056108
Brijlal, Y., John, L.R. and Sivarasu, S.
Hand Exoskeleton.
Provisional Patent Application South Africa 2012/08238
Burger, I.H.
Method for Compensating for Respiratory Motion in
Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
National Phase Patent Application South Africa 2012/06353
Burger, I.H.
Method for Compensating for Respiratory Motion in
Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
National Phase Patent Application United States 13/580,640
Burton, S.G., Davids, L.M. and Zwane, E.N.
A Hydroxytyrosol Compound.
National Phase Patent Application China 201080052708.1