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Health Sciences
Master’s degrees (by research)
Bissessur, D. 2012. The communication between low-risk
low birth weight premature infants and their mothers
in the first year of life: a description of four cases. MSc
Speech-Language Pathology. Supervised by Pascoe, M.
and Mayers, P.
Dutton, M. 2012. The effects of scapulothoracic
rehabilitation on shoulder pain in competitive swimmers.
MSc Physiotherapy. Supervised by Burgess, T. and Parker, R.
Gangji, N. 2012. Phonological development in Swahili: a
descriptive, cross-sectional study of typically developing
pre-schoolers in Tanzania. MSc Speech-Language
Pathology. Supervised by Pascoe, M. and Smouse, M. R.
Ghafari, N. 2012. A profile of the auditory function of
children with TB receiving ototoxic medication at Brooklyn
Chest Hospital. MSc Audiology. Supervised by Petersen, L.,
Rogers, C. and Singh, S.
Lang, P. 2012. Cervico-mandibular muscle activity in females
with chronic cervical pain: a descriptive, cross-sectional,
correlational study. MSc Physiotherapy. Supervised by
Parker, R. and Burgess, T.
Maphalala, Z. 2012. Phonological development of first
language Xhosa-speaking children aged 3;0 - 6;0 years: a
descriptive cross-sectional study. MSc Speech-Language
Pathology. Supervised by Pascoe, M. and Smouse, M.R.
Moosajie, C. 2012. The effect of functional electrical
stimulation of the abdominal muscles on functional
activity in patients with stroke: a feasibility study. MSc
Physiotherapy. Supervised by Jelsma, J. and Ferguson, G.
Olivier, O. 2012. A comparison of treatment protocols for
infants with motor delay. MSc Physiotherapy. Supervised by
Ferguson, G. and Jelsma, J.
Oosthuizen, N. 2012. “The Western Cape profile of
paediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties”. MSc
Speech-Language Pathology. Supervised by Norman, V.
Department of Human
TheDepartment of HumanBiology (HUB) includesAnatomy;
Biological Anthropology; Biomedical Engineering and
Medical Imaging; Cell Biology, Exercise Science and Sports
Medicine; Healthcare Technology Management; Human
Nutrition; Neurosciences and Physiology.
Professor Laurie Kellaway was an invited guest speaker at
the Neuroscience Society of Nigeria (NSN) Conference
held Calabar, Nigeria in 2012.
Professor Susan Kidson has been Deputy Dean and was
acting Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences during 2012.
During this time she initiated the UCT Stem Cell Initiative
along with Professor Jacquie Greenberg of Human
Genetics. As part of this initiative Dr Robea Ballo spent
two months at the James Martin Stem Cell Unit of the
University of Oxford, UK, sharpening her skills in induced
Pluripotent Stem Cell technology. She is now offering
training in this technology at the Stem Cell laboratory in
Cell Biology, to clinicians and postgraduate students at
UCT who wish to use the technique in their projects. The
team published their first stem cell paper in the SAMJ
online in December 2012.
Professor Alan Morris began a 10 month sabbatical to the
United States in September 2012 under a Fullbright Visiting
Scholar Fellowship. He is currently based at Ohio State
University as part of the ‘Global History of Health Project’
being led by Clark Larsen.
Researchers in the biomedical engineering programme
and the MRC/UCT Medical Imaging Research Unit
were active in many aspects of the research enterprise.
Associate Professor Meintjes co-edited a book titled
“Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa: Insights from
Brain and Behavioural Sciences”. Dr Sudesh Sivarasu’s
PhD - “Artificial High Flexion Knee for Eastern Lifestyles”
- was published by a German publisher. Drs Lester John
and Sudesh Sivarasu filed patent applications for deep
muscle electromyography and rehabilitative robotics
respectively, while they collaborated with student
Yasheen Brijlal on the patent for a hand exoskeleton.
Professor Tania Douglas was an invited guest lecturer at
the University of Minnesota and was invited to present
a seminar to celebrate the South Africa-Germany Year
of Science. Professor Douglas delivered a keynote
lecture at the International Conference on Biomedical
Signals, Systems and Images in Chennai, India. Dr
Sivarasu delivered an invited lecture at the International
Conference on Biomaterials, Implants and Tissue
Engineering, also in Chennai. Dr Barak Morgan and his
collaborators delivered a paper to the national congress
- Towards Carnegie III: Strategies to Overcome Poverty
and Inequality - held at UCT.
Professor Viv Russell was appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of
Behavioral and Brain Functions. She continued to serve