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as Deputy Chief Editor of
Metabolic Brain Disease
produced a Special Issue on neuroscience research in
Southern Africa in 2012. Professor Russell was invited to
give a seminar on her research on ADHD at the University
of Massachusetts, USA, in October 2012. Hayley Tomes
attended the IBRO school on Epigenetics, Environment
and Behaviour in Kalifi, Kenya. Jacqueline Dimatelis,
Jurgens van Zyl, Toni-Lee Sterley and Viv Russell attended
the Society for Neuroscience meeting in New Orleans, USA
in October. Jurgens van Zyl was awarded an IBRO Travel
Fellowship to attend the Society for Neuroscience meeting
in New Orleans.
Associate Professor Sharon Prince was invited to present a
talk at the University of Oxford, in September. She received
a C2 NRF Rating and was elected head of the Cancer
Research initiative of South Africa (CARISA) breast cancer
consortium. She was elected member of the NRF Specialist
Committee for Health Sciences. The Prince Laboratory
organised and hosted its second CANSA Shavathon, in
conjunction with the Cancer Association of South Africa
Associate Professor Dirk Lang was invited as an instructor
in advanced microscopic imaging techniques for the
prestigious summer courses at the Woods Hole Marine
Biological Labs (MBL) in Massachusetts, USA during
his sabbatical leave from May – August. Together with
Tyrone Genade he attended the Society for Neuroscience
meeting in New Orleans in October. With Susan Cooper,
they continue to be active as consultants and maintain
numerous collaborations involving the Confocal and Light
Microscope Imaging Facility at UCT.
Dr Liz van der Merwe was elected as chairperson of the
Association of South African Woman in Science and
Engineering (Western Cape) in December.
Associate Professor Marjanne Senekal was invited by
the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Sciences, New York
Academy of Sciences, to present at their Conference in
New York in December.
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Research Unit:
Academic staff within ESSM continue to be consulted
on various issues related to exercise science and sports
medicine and are therefore often in the public eye.
Professor Tim Noakes published an updated version of
“Challenging Beliefs. Memoirs of a Career”, with Michael
Vlismas during 2012. The new edition incorporates why the
Springboks lost the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and how a
low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet will improve your life.
He also published “Waterlogged: The serious problem of
overhydration in endurance sports” in 2012.
Professors Wayne Derman and Martin Schwellnus were
commissioned by the International Paralympic Committee
to conduct what is regarded as pioneering research on
injuries and illnesses suffered by the athletes at the 2012
Paralympic Games.
Dr Alison September, Dr Mike Posthumus and Professor
MalcolmCollins were invited to write a reviewwhich coincided
with the opening of the Summer Olympics in 2012. The
review was titled: Application of genomics in the prevention,
treatment and management of Achilles tendinopathy and
anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, published in Recent
Patents on DNA and Gene Sequences 2012; 6: 216-223.
Dr Alison September was elected as committee member
of the Association of South African Women in Science and
Engineering (Western Cape) in December 2012, and chairs
the Education portfolio.
Dr Julia Goedecke’s NRF rating was renewed and Professor
Malcolm Collins’ and Associate Professor Andrew Bosch’s
NRF ratings were increased, while Dr Mike Posthumous
was rated for the first time. Associate Professor Malcolm
Collins was promoted to full Professor in November 2012
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