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Health Sciences
Ms Gabi de Bie
Scientific and Research Officer: knowledge and curriculum
in the medical biosciences
Dr Kylie de Jager
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow; automated microscopy;
medical devices
Dr Jacqueline Dimatelis
Physiology: Postdoctoral Fellow. Neurophysiology:
Development, stress, exercise and vulnerability to neuronal
injury; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Depression
Dr Catherine Draper
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Social science aspects
of physical activity as a means of health promotion and
disease prevention. Evaluation of physical activity and
sport-related programmes. Medical Education.
Dr Janine Gray
RUESSM: Honorary lecturer. Cricket research – research
co-ordinator for Cricket South Africa
Dr Martha Holmes
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow, neuroimaging
Mr David Karpul
RUESSM: Research Officer: Biomechanics research,
Manager of the Biomechanics Lab., electronics
Dr Dheshnie Keswell
RUESSM: Postdoctoral Fellow, Obesity and diabetes
Dr Tertius Kohn
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Muscle biochemistry
and exercise science
Mr Sriram Krishnan
Development of a light microscope for automated
identification of TB bacilli in ZN stained sputum smears
Dr Jacolene Kroff
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer: Manages, runs and
supervises all research conducted in the Metabolic Lab.
Dr Wendy Kröger
Postdoctoral fellow in cell biology: The molecular
mechanisms by which the T-box transcription factor TBX3
contributes to tumourigenesis.
Dr Amod Kulkarni
Postdoctoral Fellow(ClaudeLeonFoundation). Invitroand in
vivo neuro-pharmacokinetics and neuropharmacodynamics
of natural neuroprotective agents.
Dr Robert Lamberts
RUESSM: Honorary Research Officer Thermoregulation
Dr Lelani Marais
Physiology: Postdoctoral Fellow. Neurophysiology:
Development, stress, exercise and vulnerability to neuronal
injury; Depression
Dr Barak Morgan
MIRU: Behavioural, physiological and neuroimaging studies
in affective neuroscience
Dr Lisa Micklesfield
RUESSM: Senior Researcher/Honorary Research Fellow
(Wits University). Bone health and physical activity
Ms Mweete Nglazi
RUESSM: Research Officer. Epidemiology and biostatistics
Dr Michael Posthumus
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Sports orthopaedic
Dr Dale Rae
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer: Circadian rhythms and
performance; Commercial research division manager
Dr Laurie Rauch
RUESSM: Research Officer: Neurobiology of exercise and
regulation of the autonomic nervous system during peak
Dr Frances Roberston
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow; magnetic resonance imaging
Dr Elske Schabort
RUESSM:ResearchOfficer: Thermoregulation, Performance,
Brain regulation of exercise; Commercial research
Dr Alison V. September
RUESSM: Senior Research Officer. Molecular human
Dr James Smith
RUESSM: Research Officer: Diet, health, metabolism and
exercise performance
Dr Jeroen Swart
RUESSM: Honorary lecturer. Sport and Exercise Medicine
Dr Ross Tucker
RUESSM: Central Governor research, Exercise training;
Commercial Research division co-management