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Dr Julia H. Goedecke
RUESSM: Specialist Scientist, MRC; Obesity in relation to
disease risk; Exercise metabolism and sports nutrition
Dr Geney Gunston
Senior Lecturer; gross anatomy; clinical anatomy; medical
Dr Asfree Gwanyanya
Senior Lecturer; cardiac pathophysiology, hypertrophy, ion
Dr Janetta Harbron
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition; Obesity and other
CDL intervention, Nutritional genomics; Sports nutrition.
Ms Fiona Herrmann
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition,
risks for obesity development in SA communities, nutrition
in palliative oncology
Dr Lauren Hill
Lecturer; Division of Human Nutrition, clinical dietetics;
critical care, nutrition in surgical gastroenterology,
gastrointestinal dysfunction, parenteral and enteral
nutrition, oxidative stress and antioxidants
Ms Fatima Hoosen
Clinical Educator (part-time); Division of Human Nutrition
Dr Marcin Jankiewicz
MIRU: Lecturer. Cape Universities Brain Imaging Centre:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Dr Lester John
MIRU: Senior Lecturer and Software Specialist;
Electromyography, Electroencephalography, Brain-
Computer Interfacing, Medical Electronics & Devices
Dr Roisin Kelly-Laubscher
Lecturer: Cardiovascular Physiology, arterial hemodynamics,
cardioprotection, ischaemia-reperfusion injury
Dr Tracy Kolbe-Alexander
RUESSM: Senior Lecturer, Physical activity and health;
Co-ordinator of the BSc (Hons) Biokinetics and MPhil
(Biokinetics) courses
Ms Baheya Najaar
Lecturer and clinical educator, Division of Human Nutrition,
community nutrition, infant and young child feeding
Mr Mladen Poluta
Senior Lecturer; Director: Healthcare Technology
Dr Delva Shamley
Senior Lecturer; upper limb morbidity in breast cancer,
molecular effects of adjuvant therapies in cancer
Dr Charles P. Slater
Senior Lecturer; anatomy, medical education
Mr Stef Steiner
Lecturer; biomechanics
Dr Sudesh Sivarasu
Lecturer, biomechanics, biomechatronics, medical devices
& rehabilitation engineering
Dr Liz van der Merwe
Senior Lecturer; ocular development and regeneration,
vascular biology, pancreatic islet regeneration, 3-D
microscopic image reconstruction.
Dr Christopher Warton
Senior Lecturer; medical education, teaching materials,
MRI analysis and cerebellar structure
Postdoctoral Fellows/Scientific and
Research Officers, Research Associates
Dr Amaal Abrahams
Cell Biology: Research Officer. Role and regulation of the
T-box transcription factor TBX3 during the cell cycle
Dr Yumna Albertus-Kajee
RUESSM: Research Officer. Electromyography in the the
preventionof chronicdisease inpatients, andneuromuscular
adaptations to exercise in athletes, commercial research.
Dr Ali Alhamud
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow; magnetic resonance imaging
Dr Reyna Deeya Ballim
Cell Biology: Postdoctoral Fellow. The identification of
target genes of the transcription factor TBX2 which mediate
its pro-proliferative activities in cancer and the elucidation
of its crystal structure with a view to designing drugs that
inhibit TBX2’s oncogenic function
Dr Robea Ballo
Cell Biology and genetics: Genetics of vitiligo.
Dr Ian Burger
MIRU: Postdoctoral Fellow; magnetic resonance imaging
Ms Susan Cooper
Microscopy Unit: Technical Officer