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The Division is involved in a wide range of research
activities, interacts with a number of international and local
collaborators and is a member of the recently established
Chronic Disease Initiative in Africa. The primary areas of
research are:
Metabolic consequences of antiretroviral therapy in
HIV+ patients:
Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies
examining the metabolic consequences of HAART are
underway. These are being funded by the World Diabetes
Foundation and Department of Health.
Burden of disease:
The contribution of diabetes and other
chronic diseases to the overall burden of disease pattern in
the South African context is been studied in collaboration
with Dr Debbie Bradshaw, BOD Group, MRC. A cross
sectional survey of diabetes and other cardiovascular risk
factors in the Black African community in Cape Town has
been completed.
In collaboration with the Department of Human
Biology, a number of studies are in progress. These
examine the mechanisms underlying the aetiology of
obesity and insulin sensitivity in black and white African
Addison’s Disease:
Cardiovascular risk factors in Addison’s
disease has been investigated in collaboration with the
University of Gothenberg. The impact of glucocorticoid
receptor polymorphisms on cardiovascular risk factors has
been assessed in Addison’s disease.
Health Systems Research
: The Division collaborates
in projects being conducted by the Chronic Diseases
Initiative in Africa. These include: a pragmatic cluster
randomised trial of an integrated guideline for the
management of diabetes and other chronic diseases is
in primary care centre, a randomised controlled trial to
evaluate the effectiveness of a group diabetic education
programme using motivational interviewing in underserved
communities; and the development of a resource package
for primary health care providers and community health
workers to enable them to offer brief counselling on
Divisional Statistics
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Professor (visiting )
Senior Lecturers
Senior Registrar in Training
Medical Officer (sessional)
Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Research Fields and Staff
Professor N S Levitt
Diabetes and hypertension health systems research,
diabetes burden of disease, mechanisms underlying the
metabolic sequelae of obesity, metabolic consequences
Professor K Steyn
Hypertension health systems research, burden of chronic
disease and smoking in pregnancy
Dr I L Ross
National registry for Study of Addison’s Disease and
polyglandular autoimmune syndrome
Dr J Dave
Incidence of osteoporosis and vertebral fractures in patents
with inflammatory bowel disease Metabolic consequences
of antiretroviral therapy
Contact Details
Postal Address: Divisions of Endocrinology and Diabetic
Medicine, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health
Sciences, Observatory, 7925
Telephone: +27 21 406 6140
Fax: +27 21 406 6513
Department Of Medicine
Division Of Gastroenterology
(Gastrointestinal Clinic)
Head of GI Clinic: Professor S Thomson
Divisional Profile
The Gastrointestinal Clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinical unit
consisting of Medical and Surgical components. This report
primarily reflects the Medical component. The Clinic carries
a large clinical load and offers a number of specialised
services, with clinical and applied research interests in:
Hepatobiliary disease; Colorectal disease; Oesophageal
disease; Inflammatory bowel disease;
disease; and Nutrition. The Clinic is involved in a number
of collaborative research projects.