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Health Sciences
Divisional Statistics
Permanent and Long-term Contract Staff
Research Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Research Fields and Staff
DrGillWatermeyer:Riskofmalignancy ininflammatorybowel
disease treated with Azathioprine or 6-Mercaptopurine;
Predicting bad outcome in Crohn’s disease; drug trials –
Dr Dion Levin: Bleeding Peptic Ulcer Disease;
i testing.
Dr Sabelo Hlatshwayo: Achalsia.
Dr Mashiko Setshedi: Drug induced liver injury.
Contact Details
Postal Address: GI Clinic, E23, New Main Building, Groote
Schuur Hospital, Observatory, 7925
Telephone: +27 21 404 3040
Fax: +27 21 447 0582
Department Of Medicine
Division Of Haimatology and UCT
Leukaemia Unit
Head of Division: Professor N. Novitzky
Divisional Profile
The Division of Haematology at Groote Schuur Hospital
is a complex unit with multi disciplinary activities that
include outpatient clinics, admission beds as well as
diagnostic and research laboratories. The clinical services
are organised under the umbrella of the Department of
Internal Medicine, while the laboratory diagnostic sections
are under the broader organisation of the Department
of Clinical & Laboratory Sciences and National Health
Laboratory Service (NHLS). The Haematology section of
the laboratory was accredited with SANAS 3 years ago and
after review, this accreditation was confirmed last year.
Patients with elaborate clinical problems, bone marrow
failure or requiring stem cell transplantation are referred from
all provinces; particularly the Northern and Eastern Cape
and particularly we receive referrals from foreign institutions
in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, individuals with multiple
myeloma and other lymphoproliferative disorders are treated
together with the Department of Radiation Oncology in
combined clinics. Of concern is that a substantial increase
in the numbers of HIV related malignancies and particularly
Burkitt’s lymphoma and leukaemia that have significantly
strained our hospital beds.
The Division of Haematology provides training for
both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the
Medical Faculty. Registrars and consultants participate
in undergraduate training, facilitating various modules
focussing in blood disorders. At the postgraduate level,
training isgivenat the level ofMaster’sandPhDcourses incell
biology as well as specialist training in haematopathology
for medical graduates. In addition, within the Department
of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences 3 divisions participate
in the training provided to Clinical Pathology candidates.
Regular experiential teaching and microscope tutorials
are given to registrars in Haematopathology. Journal
Clubs, seminars and group teaching is offered to
Haematopathology, Clinical Haematology and general
medical registrars. Interdepartmental meetings are held
with academic staff from Tygerberg Hospital and Red
Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Faculty members
from the division also regularly contribute to the teaching
programmes of the basic sciences as well as Departments
of Internal Medicine and Clinical and Laboratory Sciences.
In addition a University of Cape Town Leukaemia Unit
established within the division, has now been reviewed
and approved by the University Research Committee
and will continue focusing its research work in the
area of haemopoietic stem cell biology and stem cell
transplant immunology. The research laboratory located
at the medical school campus is well equipped to support
undergraduate and postgraduate pathology and science
students. Dr Shaheen Mowla has joined Dr Karen Shires
to expand the molecular and cellular research in the
Leukaemia Unit laboratory. The main objective will be to
pursue further research into the area normal and malignant
haematopoiesis, detection of minimal residual disease in
patients with leukaemia, cellular therapies and stem cell