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Faculty of Humanities
Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Bangstad, S., Eriksen, T.H., Comaroff, J.L. and Comaroff,
J. 2012. ‘Anthropologists Are Talking’: about anthropology
and post-apartheid South Africa. Ethnos, 77(1): 115-136.
Bennett, J. and Chigudu, C. 2012. Editorial: Researching
sexuality with young women: Southern Africa. Feminist
Africa, 17: 1-7.
Bennett, J. 2012. Travels in fashionable sexuality research:
thoughts from home. Feminist Africa, 17: 8-27.
Capps, G. 2012. A bourgeois reform with social justice? The
contradictions of the Minerals Development Bill and black
economic empowerment in the South African platinum
mining industry. Review of African Political Economy,
39(132): 315-333.
Capps, G. 2012. Victim of its own success? The platinum
mining industry and the apartheid mineral property system
in South Africa’s political transition. Review of African
Political Economy, 39(131): 63-84.
Chitonge, H. 2012. Social protection challenges in sub-
Saharan Africa: ‘rethinking regimes and commitments’.
African Studies, 71(3): 323-345.
Chitonge, H. 2012. Education and development: an
integrated approach. Charles Lwanga College Journal,
1(3): 41-70.
Comaroff, J. and Comaroff, J.L. 2012. Theory from the
south: or, how euro-America is evolving toward Africa.
Anthropological Forum, 22(2): 113-131.
Cooper, B.L. 2012. Women dancing on water: a diasporic
feminist fantastic? Contemporary Women’s Writing, 6(2):
Crush, J., Chikanda, A. and Pendleton, W. 2012. The
disengagement of the South African medical diaspora in
Canada. Journal of Southern African Studies, 38(4): 927-949.
Dickson, J. 2012. Revisiting ‘township tourism’: multiple
mobilities and the re-territorialisation of township spaces
in Cape Town, South Africa. Anthropology Southern Africa,
35(1&2): 31-39.
Dodd, A. 2012. The ethics of dissident desire in Southern
African writing. Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 48(5): 578-579.
Ferguson, J. 2011. Toward a left art of government: from
Foucauldian critique to Foucauldian politics. History of the
Human Sciences, 24(4): 61-68.
Fuh, D. 2012. The prestige economy: veteran clubs and
youngmen’s competition in Bamenda, Cameroon. Urban
Forum, 23: 501-526.
Garuba, H.O. 2012. Closing reflections on revisiting apartheids
race categories. Transformation, 79(2012): 173-177.
Garuba, H.O. 2012. Race classifications, indicators and
praxis: a response to Ruggunan and Mar, Lefko-Everett,
and Erwin. Transformation, 79(2012): 114-118.
Green, L.J. 2012. Beyond South Africa’s ‘indigenous knowledge
- science’ wars. South African Journal of Science, 108(7/8).
Hall, S. 2012. Identity and Political Centralisation in
the Western Regions of Highveld, c.1770-c.1830: An
Archaeological Perspective. Journal of Southern African
Studies, 38(2): 301-318.
Hamilton, C. 2012. Political centralisation and the making
of social categories east of the Drakensberg in the late
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Journal of
Southern African Studies, 38(2): 291-300.
Hamilton, C. and Hall, S.L. 2012. Reading across the
divides: commentary on the political co-presence of
disparate identities in two regions of South Africa in the
late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Journal of
Southern African Studies, 38(2): 281-290.
Harmansah, O. and Shepherd, N. 2012. The location of
theory: a discussion with Homi Bhabha. Archaeologies –
Journal of the World Archaeological Congress, 8(1): 52-54.
Jobson, G. and Theron, L. 2012. Transgender in Africa:
Invisible, inaccessible, or ignored? Sahara J-Journal of
Social Aspects of HIV-AIDS, 9(3): 160-163.
Kuo, C.S. 2012. Beijing’s understanding of African security:
context and limitations. African Security, 5: 24-43.
MacDonald, H.M. 2010. Crystallising commitment to
transformation in a South African higher education institute.
Journal of higher education in Africa, 8(2): 73-93.
Mesthrie, R. 2012. Ethnicity, substrate and place: the
dynamics of coloured and Indian English in five South
African cities in relation to the variable (t). Language
Variation and Change, 24(3): 371-395.
Mesthrie, R. 2012. Public lecture series on 150 years of Indian
history in South Africa. Social Dynamics, 37(3): 436-438.
Mususa, P. 2012. Mining, welfare and urbanisation: the
wavering urban character of Zambia’s Copperbelt. Journal
of Contemporary African Studies, 30(4): 571-587.