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Peer-reviewed published conference
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Doctoral dissertations
Okech, A. 2012. Building Nations: Discourses on Widow
Inheritance amongst the Lou of Kenya. 282pp. Supervised
by Professor J. Bennett.
Master’s degrees (by research)
Thipe, T. 2012. “We are all products of history, but each of
us can choose whether or not to become its victims” an
exploration of the discourses employed in the formation
of the Women’s National Coalition. MSOCSC in Gender
Studies. 200pp. Supervised by Professor J. Bennett.
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MSocSc. 137pp. Supervised by Professor J. Bennett.
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the Discourses On Solidarity Between Activists Interested
in Transforming Masculinities. MSocSc in Gender Studies.
107pp. Supervised by Professor J. Bennett.
Department of Drama
Research Report 2012
(Including the Little Theatre)
Head of Department: Professor Mark Fleishman
Departmental Profile
Research in the Drama Department is conducted through
the creation of new theatre works, directing, performance
practice, and applied theatre. Research enquiries develop
out of and feed into the teaching and directing processes for
Acting for the Camera, Television drama, Theatre Making,
Community Theatre, Acting, Dance Theatre, Applied
theatre, Site Specific performance and the development
of mixed media theatre and performance works. Research
projects are sometimes created in conjunction with other
arts practitioners, e.g. visual artists and/or musicians. Many
projects are located in the profession through staff links
with contemporary South African theatre, performance and
dance companies. Partnerships or links with theatre, drama