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Mr David Gilmour
Senior lecturer; economics of education; education and
the labour market; educational planning; educational
evaluation; social theory and education
Dr Joanne Hardman
Senior lecturer; learning; cognition; computer mediated
learning; neuroscience
Associate Professor Annemarie Hattingh
Physical science teacher education, with a special focus
on curriculum design for authentic learning in problem-
based learning environments; teacher effectiveness in
constraining contexts; doctoral learning communities of
Dr Ursula Hoadley
Senior lecturer; curriculum, teachers work and the
sociological study of pedagogy
Dr Heather Jacklin
Senior lecturer; sociology of education; education policy;
education and space/locality; education and gender;
learner progress and achievement
Ms Shaheeda Jaffer
Lecturer; mathematics education, sociology of curriculum
and pedagogy, teacher education
Associate Professor Rüdiger Laugksch
Scientific literacy or public understanding of science;
professional development of science teachers; policy
issues related to the provision of teaching and learning in
the natural sciences; teaching and learning in biology
Dr Carolyn McKinney
Senior lecturer; language and literacy in education,
multilingualism in education,
Identity/subjectivity and learning
Professor Johan Muller
Curriculum studies; epistemology; sociology of knowledge;
school reform; higher education policy
Associate Professor Karin Murris
Programme Leader PGCE Foundation Phase. Philosophy of
Education, Philosophy with Children, Child and Childhood
Studies, Children’s Literature, School Ethics, Ethical
Decision-making, Censorship, Corporal Punishment, Early
Dr Azwihangwisi Muthivhi
Senior lecturer; developmental psychology; cognitive
primary schooling, culture and classroom teaching and
Associate Professor Mastin Prinsloo
Socio-cultural studies in literacy and language, including
early childhood, schooling, adult education and electronic
Associate Professor Rob Siebörger
History education; curriculum studies; assessment;
materials development; teacher education
Professor Crain Soudien
Sociology of education; race, class and gender; policy
shifts in education
Dr Clare Verbeek
Senior lecturer; Literacy; teaching reading and writing in
the early years; family literacy; foundation phase teaching;
adult and community education; models for teacher
Research Associates
Dr Mignonne Breier
Higher education; academic work; professions and
professional education; recognition of prior learning;
research capacity development; missionary education
Dr Jeanne Gamble
Vocational education, sociology of work
Emeritus Professor Peter Kallaway
Education and development, education policy, history of
Dr Robert Morrell
Masculinities, gender and education, fatherhood and
parenting, violence
Distinguished Visitors
Paul Dowling
Institute of Education, London
Lorraine Ling
La Trobe University, Australia
Anna Stetsenko
City University of New York, USA
Mark Wickens
Brock University, Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Michael Young
Institute of Education, London