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Faculty of Humanities
EmeritusProfessorGeoffreyHughes (Honorary
Research Associate)
The history of English; historical semantics; sociolinguistics;
the language of Shakespeare and Chaucer.
Mr Brian S. Lee (Honorary Research Associate)
Medieval English and Latin literature; British literature to
the end of the Victorian period.
Dr Christopher Ouma
New diasporic African fiction and focused on childhood
as a set of ideas for engaging with contemporary African
identity formation. In looking at the recurrent figures,
images and memories of childhood the study engages with
a range of ideas around memories, archives, chronotopes,
heritages, legacies, traditions and genealogies of identity
and identity-making.
Dr Peter Knox-Shaw (Honorary Research
The literature of cross-cultural encounter with particular
reference to the Romantic and post-Romantic periods;
Jane Austen and the Enlightenment; 18th-century studies.
Professor David Schalkwyk
Shakespeare; literature and society between 1580 and 1660
including non-Shakespearean drama and poetry; literary
theory: especially Marxism, Derrida, Saussure, Bakhtin/
Voloshinov and feminism; philosophy and literature
(especially Wittgenstein); pastoral and politics from 1580-
1750; South African prison writing.
Professor Kelwyn Sole
South African literature (especially black literature); African
oral literature; history, narrative and fictionalisation;
science fiction; Milton; stylistic and ideological changes in
17th-century poetry.
Dr Eric Strand
20th-century American literature, but also involves
American Studies due to an interest in central symbols such
as the “frontier,” understood as a free space where one can
reinvent oneself outside the norms of conventional society.
Dr Hedley Twidle
South African literatures in an African context, the colonial
and postcolonial and Natural history writing.
Dr Sandy Young
Early-modern literature and thought; Trans-atlantic colonial
literature and theory; the compilation as a form; Travel
writing; South African women’s prison writing and feminist
theory; Narrative and testimony.
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Research output
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