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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Anderson, P. 2012. Never luff to meddle mit politics, sir:
Errant Satire and Historical Gainsaying in A.G. Bain’s Kaatje
Kekkelbek, or, Life among the Hottentots. Journal of Southern
African Studies, 38(1): 217-232.
Anderson, P. 2012. This Late Place: Stephen Watson (1954-
2011), Poet, Essayist, Critic and Scholar. English in Africa,
39(1): 9-20.
Coovadia, I. 2012. Coetzee in and out of Cape Town. Kritika
Kultura, 18: 103-115.
Coovadia, I. 2012. The Azaan clock. Social Dynamics, 38(2):
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. A source for H.G. Wells’s Time
Machine. Notes and Queries, 59(3): 410-11.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Displaced religious images in
Annie Proulx’s ‘Brokeback Mountain. Studies in Short
Fiction, 37(1): 113-22.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Gentleman Saints and Self-
Tormentors: Leigh Hunt, Dickens and Nineteenth-Century
Asceticism. Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 34(2): 135-158.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Günter Grass’s Blechtrommel and
Samuel Beckett’s Play. Germanic Notes and Reviews, 43(2):
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. In defence of ropes and scar: All’s
Well That Ends Well 4.2.38. Ben Jonson Journal, 19(1):
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. John Francis Barnett’s Ancient
Mariner: From Ballad to Cantata. Wordsworth Circle, 43(1):
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Popolaresco, peasants and
primitivism. Musical Times, 153(1919): 41-58.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Posthumus’ Theodicy in Cymbeline
V.i. The Shakespeare Newsletter, 61(3): 89.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. The pricking in Shakespeare’s
Sonnet 20. Cahiers Elisabethains, 81(Spring): 37-38.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. The tables’ content in Shakespeare’s
Sonnet 122. Ben Jonson Journal, 19(1): 127-29.
Edgecombe, R.S. 2012. Three Notes on Shakespeare: The
Tables’ Content in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 122; Apologia Pro
Vita Sua: A Confessional Reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets
123-25 and 146; In Defense of Ropes and Scar: All’s Well
That Ends Well 4.2.38. Ben Jonson Journal, 19(1): 127-141.
Haresnape, G.L. 2012. Cross Currents in the Brain of
Dr SeverancePackage (Poetry). English Academy Review,
29(2): 148-151.
Higgins, J.A. 2012. Rereading the Long Revolution:
Permanent Education versus the Exclusionary Consensus.
Keywords, 10: 11-27.
Higgins, J.A. 2012. Resisting the restoration: response to
Premesh Lalu. Social Dynamics, 38(1): 26-35.
Pollard, N. 2012. The fate of stupidity. Essays in Criticism,
62(2): 125-138.
Samuelson, M.A. 2012. Abdulrazak Gurnah’s fictions of the
Swahili coast: littoral locations and amphibian aesthetics.
Social Dynamics, 38(3): 499-515.
Smuts, M.E. 2012. J.M. Coetzee and the Politics of Selfhood.
English in Africa, 39(1): 21-36.
Twidle, H.L. 2012. “All Like and Yet Unlike the Old Country:”
Kipling in Cape Town, 1891-1908 - A Reappraisal. English in
Africa, 39(2): 85-109.
Twidle, H.L. 2012. “In a Country where You couldn’t Make
this Shit up”?: Literary Non-Fiction in South Africa. Safundi:
Journal of South African and American studies, 13(1-2): 5-28,
Twidle, H.L. 2012. First lives, first words: Cames, magical
realism and the limits of invention. Scrutiny2, 17(1): 28-48,
Young, S.M. 2012. Hospitality in a postapartheid archive:
reflections on There Was this Goat and the Challenge of
Alterity. Research in African Literatures, 43(2): 115-137.
Creative writing
Coovadia, I. 2012. The Institute for Taxi Poetry. Cape Town:
Umuzi, Random House. 146pp.
Coovadia, I. 2012. Transformations: Essays. Cape Town:
Umuzi, Random House. 208pp.