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Faculty of Humanities
Centre for Film and Media
Research Report 2012
(Including the Centre for Rhetoric Studies)
Director: Associate Professor Lesley Marx
Centre Profile
The Centre for Film and Media Studies, based in the
Faculty of Humanities, was established in March 2003.
The aims of the Centre are:
• to enable students at undergraduate and postgraduate
levels to pursue research in film and television studies
and media studies more broadly and
• to offer students training as creative practitioners
in a choice of screen production, radio journalism,
screenwriting, print journalism and digital media;
• to extend, intensify and enrich students’ intellectual,
creative and practical training and equip them to make
key contributions both to scholarship and to the film
and media industries;
• to foster cutting-edge research in film, television and
media that has especial relevance to Africa, and to
South Africa’s place both continentally and globally;
• to strengthen ties with similar institutions, scholars and
practitioners locally and abroad.
The Centre offers majors in i) Media & Writing and in ii) Film
& Television Studies. In addition, we offer, on competitive
entry during the second year, five options for a programme
in Film and Media Production, with choices between
screen production, radio, screenwriting, print journalism
and interactive media.
We offer Honours, MA and PhD level degrees in film
and television studies, media theory and practice and in
rhetoric. We also offer interdisciplinary Honours and MA
level degree programmes in political communication.
The staff of the Centre engage in a wide variety of
exciting formal and creative research in, for example,
African and South African cinema, radio in South Africa,
audience analysis, political communication, rhetoric
studies, youth culture, new approaches to film history,
film and identity, adaptation theory and practice,
screenwriting and video gaming.
Centre Statistics
Permanent Staff
Distinguished Professor
Associate Professors
Senior Lecturers
Technical staff
Administrative staff
Research Fields and Staff
Dr Tanja Bosch
Community radio, citizen media and communication
for development; health communication, critical theory
and cultural studies; qualitative research methods; radio
studies and new media.
Associate Professor Martin Botha
South African cinema, cinema and marginality, the
representation of gays/lesbians in cinema,Queer Theory.
Dr Wallace Chuma
Contemporary journalism and the public sphere, critical
political economy of media, media policy and regulation,
and media and political transition in Southern Africa.
Dr Martha Evans
Media events and the coming of television to South Africa,
media and national identity, the TRC as a South African
media event.
Professor Ian Glenn
Media in the new South Africa, liberal Afropessimism,
political communication, media technologies and the
literature of exploration, François Le Vaillant.
Associate Professor Adam Haupt
Youth and media, theories of empire and film, intellectual
property, racial identity politics, gender and representation,
Associate Professor Lesley Marx
African Cinema, British cinema, American Studies, the
interface between American and South African history and
culture, topics in film theory, genre and adaptation.